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I Miss Sushi

I can’t believe that I haven’t had sushi since the start of my pregnancy. I’m not talking about the California Rolls kind of sushi. I’m talking about raw-fish-in-my-gut sushi. I also miss sashimi. *drool* Soon, though, soon (my precioussss).

I’m losing weight. Whee! I haven’t checked on the scale yet, but I might be down to either 140-150 lbs right now. Try comparing that to my 181-lb goodness before Dani came out into the world. I should lose more weight in the days to come. :)

We have another nickname for Dani: Chipmunk. She makes these little grunting noises when she stretches and Luci remarked that she sounded like a chipmunk. We’ll have to catch her on video one of these days. Stay tuned for that.

Luci’s back at work. It wasn’t really that bad doing stuff on my own. I thought it was even easier without Luci fussing around Dani and I. Dani even slept a good 4 hours with me last night.

Someone emailed me about my I Have Cramps website because she googled around about cramps and thought how funny the site’s name was. Hehe, I love how people react to the name. :)

Anyway, enough of my randomness. Later.

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