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Long day, and it’s not even over yet!

Leap year day! What a day, what a day. At least so far.

Had to wake up at 5am, so I could go downtown to pick up my uncle to take him to the airport. I didn’t have to go, really, but I wanted to spend a little more time with Uncle Rex since we only saw him for a few hours (or minutes?) during his stay in Dallas. Had a good chat with him for a little bit and sent him on his way.

I got home just in time to walk Dani to school. She was actually awake already by the time we got home. Usually, I have a hard time getting her up and about and off to school. Also a rare occasion to have Lucien walk with us as well. Still fun.

I then took a nap for about an hour and then off to see my OB/GYN for my annual check-up. I had planned to grab a yogurt from the fridge for my breakfast but I forgot. Grr. I ended up fidgeting at the reception area for more than an hour with hunger pangs and anxiety. I guess it’s never too good for a diabetic to skip a meal. At least for me, because I’m still getting used to the fact I’m a diabetic now (forgot to tell you that, didn’t I? I got diagnosed last December with Type II Diabetes). Have to watch my carb intake and what not also. Mental note: bring some candy on hand. EVERYWHERE.

So I finally saw the doc after, maybe two hours (ugh!). I also wanted to see her if she was okay with us to try and have another baby, wink wink. She said so far I’m doing good but she did recommend I stabilize my blood sugar levels first before we start trying. Maybe six weeks or so, she said. Well, there goes my plan on having a baby in the Year of the Dragon. Hehehe.

Finally left the establishment and I had to find a place to eat. I figured to try a new place which I pass by all the time going to work. Big mistake, though. The prices were not in my current price range at all. So I settled for an appetizer sampler but big mistake there, too. Carbs galore! I still finished it all, which is another big mistake. Three strikes and I was out, so to speak, haha. Anyway, paid my bill, and went on my way. Guess next time I should have gone with my gut instinct and went for the unlimited soup and salad at Olive Garden. Cheaper and healthier!

Now, on to work. I actually came by an hour early so I thought I’d catch up on some sleep I missed out on this morning but some person kept coming by and interrupting my solace. Grr. So I just decided to clock in early and I will leave early. So there!

Long day, and it’s not even over yet! /le sigh

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Spam, Spinach Greens, and Steamed Rice


The rice and Spam were easy enough to make, but the spinach greens was a first for me.

I fried some bacon bits on the skillet, took the bits off after they were cooked, sauteed some minced garlic and chopped onions on the bacon fat.

I put a half a bag of baby spinach after the onions were glassy-looking, added some parsley flakes and oregano, and then turned the spinach over the other ingredients till it wilted a bit. Take the spinach out and put the bacon bits on top.

Voila! My first creation without following a recipe. I got the idea from watching a lot of “30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray” so I figured I’d give it a go.

The taste wasn’t so bad, either. Although it comes out tasting bland on its own, the saltiness of the bacon bits and Spam complimented it and the rice just made the picture complete.

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I Miss Sushi

I can’t believe that I haven’t had sushi since the start of my pregnancy. I’m not talking about the California Rolls kind of sushi. I’m talking about raw-fish-in-my-gut sushi. I also miss sashimi. *drool* Soon, though, soon (my precioussss).

I’m losing weight. Whee! I haven’t checked on the scale yet, but I might be down to either 140-150 lbs right now. Try comparing that to my 181-lb goodness before Dani came out into the world. I should lose more weight in the days to come. :)

We have another nickname for Dani: Chipmunk. She makes these little grunting noises when she stretches and Luci remarked that she sounded like a chipmunk. We’ll have to catch her on video one of these days. Stay tuned for that.

Luci’s back at work. It wasn’t really that bad doing stuff on my own. I thought it was even easier without Luci fussing around Dani and I. Dani even slept a good 4 hours with me last night.

Someone emailed me about my I Have Cramps website because she googled around about cramps and thought how funny the site’s name was. Hehe, I love how people react to the name. :)

Anyway, enough of my randomness. Later.

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Day 6 – Philippine Trip

In a few hours, my siblings and I will be together again. We haven’t been together since back in the 90’s. This will definitely be a tearful reunion.

I still haven’t eaten any isaw lately. The corner where I usually get them is deserted, and has been cleaned out. Oh well. I’ll see if I can find any around here somewhere.

Last night, Luci and I went out to eat in a nice Filipino restaurant with my brother and his family before we went to pick up our mom from the airport. It was so weird to find myself so sleepy at 9pm. Maybe jetlag kicking in. Anyways, I managed to stay awake until we picked up my mom and got back to the hotel around midnight. Things will be pretty busy from now on, as we get preparations done for the big event.

There are some things I noticed that are only found in the Philippines, or so I think is only found here: green mango shakes, soft drinks being poured into a little plastic bag and straw, various condiments like soy sauce mixed with key lime, or vinegar mixed with various hot peppers, lots of soups, pork and fish dishes, San Miguel beer, lanzones, Manila mangoes, and the list goes on and on.

That’s about it for today. Short, eh? :)

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Needlepoint and Strange Conversations

I knew it. I knew the time my mom gave me a needlepoint craft for my birthday I would be addicted to it again. Once I get started on these kinds of projects, it’s hard for me to stop. I remember finishing one big 18×18 cross-stitch project. It took me four months to finish.

I will never tire. I will never wane. I will finish the project no matter what. No matter how my fingers hurt. No matter how I squint through the dim light. No matter how my back hurts from crouching. No matter how many countless hours I’d be at it. I will finish this project. No. Matter. What.

Last night, it took me four hours to calm down from my excitement starting on this project. By that time, Luci had come home and I was ready to sleep at 6:30 AM and get up at 12 noon. *sigh* Crazy schedules.

In other news, Luci and I went to eat at a nearby Burger Station and started talking about philosophy/Christanity/death/pre-destiny mix over a mushroom burger and steak fingers. The grease must have triggered it. Or probably the two toy salesmen and the promoting pizza guy (Who in the hell gives out pizza for a small fee in a burger restaurant?? Odd, I tell you!) that came in a few minutes after we sat down. I’ll probably never know.

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Busy, busy, busy

Yes, busy for the past 3 days. Lucien and I went to see the doc for his hand last Wednesday and he was told that he’ll have his surgery on Tuesday to get the pins taken out. It will be a day surgery, but I figured that I would take that day off just in case something happens. It also snowed that day. It started out as sleet, but then big snowflakes started to fall. It was fascinating seeing all the flakes whipping about against the wind.

Yesterday, we went to pick up the food for the family lunch today, and after that we had to do some last-minute shopping for Christmas. Wow, is Wal-Mart ever packed! Lucien just dropped me off at the curb and wait for me. So after that, we went to Lucien’s work Christmas party. Lucien hadn’t seen his co-workers in a while since his accident, so he looked really happy (he really misses work).

Today, we woke up early to get to my sisters’ for our family lunch. We were also supposed to call family at home, but we missed them by an hour and a half. My sister miscalculated the time we were supposed to call. I guess we can try again the next year. So, my family here had our Christmas early, since I had to work right after and throughout the weekend.

Next week will be pretty busy, too. Just hope everything goes out okay.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Sushi, Books and Movies

I’ve been on a sushi craze the past week. Lucien knew I loved it so much he bought me a Sushi Book & Kit from Half-Price Books. I might try it one of these days.

Bought more books. And more books. It’s really nice how many books you can buy for 20 bucks.

Watched Lemony Snicket last night. Eh, it’s not as good as I thought it was, but at least they went by the book. Just wasn’t sure about the train incident, though.

Sorry, can’t think up of more updates, so I guess this is it.

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A Date

Had a pretty cool day yesterday. Luci and I went to grab some sushi and watched a movie. Oh yeah, find some more Christmas gifts. It was a good date, one I haven’t had in a long time.

Well, we were going to this Japanese restaurant we loved at first taste, but unfortunately, they were closed for the day. However, we saw another a couple of blocks from the first one we went to, but didn’t open until 5:30pm for dinner (it was 2:40pm already). So, we decided to spend the 3 hours doing something else.

First, we went and bought a couple of pressies for family and then we went to see a movie. Since I’ve almost watched everything, we decided on the newest movie we haven’t seen yet: Ocean’s 12. It was great! It’s just sad that not a lot of people don’t get the movie. I, for one, caught the plot, but the only thing I’m wondering is: who is the 12th one, Julia or Catherine? That was a little unclear.

Well, gotta get back to work. But first, gotta order some Thai food. :)

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After A Weird Night

Okay, fine, fine. Blogging time.

I went to that party last night. The day before they told us that we needed to pick up the receipt of the payment for the party, and show it at the door. Well, there goes a few hours of sleep I didn’t had because they didn’t really require us to show the receipt because no one was there! >.<

Anyways, Lucien and I were an hour late, and the party was still pretty dead. We ate pretty boring stuff, too (this is where my $30 went?!), and icky beer (which I didn’t drink, but Lucien said it was nasty), though they had pretty good tarts for dessert.

There were about 3 departments there (I.S., Radiology, and Lab). They said there was Pharmacy there, too, but I wasn’t sure. The place was big, though, so it accommodated all of us. Too bad for them, the booze ran out quickly, hehehe.

I saw some familiar faces there, but none at my department (mostly the big bosses). One of my co-workers finally showed up with his wife, but they were a couple of hours late (they had to go to a funeral).

Anyways, there were some interesting stuff going on, but can’t share it because someone might see this blog and tell. :P

I wasn’t feeling that well, like a little light-headed (I think there was something in those tarts). Added to the fact that I had a sore throat and had to shout over the music. So I just sat quietly, danced to a few songs, and went home.

To summarize, the party sucked. :P Or maybe I was too sick to really enjoy it. I would be happy to skip the party next year.

Okay, gotta go back to work.