Slotdog Hotdog Scorer

This is cool. I like to slice my hotdogs, but this looks even better! This tool scores your hotdog, giving your frankfurter a whole lot more places to hold those favorite condiments whenever you pour them on. Source: Slotdog Hotdog Scorer Advertisements

I Miss Sushi

I can’t believe that I haven’t had sushi since the start of my pregnancy. I’m not talking about the California Rolls kind of sushi. I’m talking about raw-fish-in-my-gut sushi. I also miss sashimi. *drool* Soon, though, soon (my precioussss). I’m losing weight. Whee! I haven’t checked on the scale yet, but I might be down […]

Sushi, Books and Movies

I’ve been on a sushi craze the past week. Lucien knew I loved it so much he bought me a Sushi Book & Kit from Half-Price Books. I might try it one of these days. Bought more books. And more books. It’s really nice how many books you can buy for 20 bucks. Watched Lemony […]

A Date

Had a pretty cool day yesterday. Luci and I went to grab some sushi and watched a movie. Oh yeah, find some more Christmas gifts. It was a good date, one I haven’t had in a long time. Well, we were going to this Japanese restaurant we loved at first taste, but unfortunately, they were […]

After A Weird Night

Okay, fine, fine. Blogging time. I went to that party last night. The day before they told us that we needed to pick up the receipt of the payment for the party, and show it at the door. Well, there goes a few hours of sleep I didn’t had because they didn’t really require us […]