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A Date

Had a pretty cool day yesterday. Luci and I went to grab some sushi and watched a movie. Oh yeah, find some more Christmas gifts. It was a good date, one I haven’t had in a long time.

Well, we were going to this Japanese restaurant we loved at first taste, but unfortunately, they were closed for the day. However, we saw another a couple of blocks from the first one we went to, but didn’t open until 5:30pm for dinner (it was 2:40pm already). So, we decided to spend the 3 hours doing something else.

First, we went and bought a couple of pressies for family and then we went to see a movie. Since I’ve almost watched everything, we decided on the newest movie we haven’t seen yet: Ocean’s 12. It was great! It’s just sad that not a lot of people don’t get the movie. I, for one, caught the plot, but the only thing I’m wondering is: who is the 12th one, Julia or Catherine? That was a little unclear.

Well, gotta get back to work. But first, gotta order some Thai food. :)

1 thought on “A Date”

  1. Mmm…Thai food.

    I can’t wait till Ocean’s 12 is released here! *excited* The first movie was great. Hm, I would’ve thought Catherine was the 12th but oh well.

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