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After A Weird Night

Okay, fine, fine. Blogging time.

I went to that party last night. The day before they told us that we needed to pick up the receipt of the payment for the party, and show it at the door. Well, there goes a few hours of sleep I didn’t had because they didn’t really require us to show the receipt because no one was there! >.<

Anyways, Lucien and I were an hour late, and the party was still pretty dead. We ate pretty boring stuff, too (this is where my $30 went?!), and icky beer (which I didn’t drink, but Lucien said it was nasty), though they had pretty good tarts for dessert.

There were about 3 departments there (I.S., Radiology, and Lab). They said there was Pharmacy there, too, but I wasn’t sure. The place was big, though, so it accommodated all of us. Too bad for them, the booze ran out quickly, hehehe.

I saw some familiar faces there, but none at my department (mostly the big bosses). One of my co-workers finally showed up with his wife, but they were a couple of hours late (they had to go to a funeral).

Anyways, there were some interesting stuff going on, but can’t share it because someone might see this blog and tell. :P

I wasn’t feeling that well, like a little light-headed (I think there was something in those tarts). Added to the fact that I had a sore throat and had to shout over the music. So I just sat quietly, danced to a few songs, and went home.

To summarize, the party sucked. :P Or maybe I was too sick to really enjoy it. I would be happy to skip the party next year.

Okay, gotta go back to work.

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