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Saturday Happenings

I think I’ll put in highlights only, because I don’t feel like talking up a storm:

Went to a birthday party.
It was also a celebration of other October birthday celebrators and anniversaries.
We were on time. The others came in an hour or so later.
We watched TFC (The Filipino Channel)! It rocks, hahaha!
There was barbecue and brazo de mercedes, mmmm.
Mom taught some of the people some salsa.
I only danced a bit. Other people thought that was unfair (because I didn’t dance that much with them).
I sang a song on the karaoke as part of a request from a friend.
One of my friends’ baby son has grown quite a bit.
Poor guy couldn’t sleep from all the ruckus we were causing.
My other friend’s baby girl is quite a handful; she picked up everything in sight.
I noticed that the house we went to wasn’t baby-proof (glass tables and breakables within reach).
I played X-Men Legends with the host’s 11-year-old son for a bit.
Got lost a bit going home, but all our guesswork paid off.

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Cooking Frenzy

Upon discovering my lola’s (grandmother’s) recipes a long time ago, I have never tried them until this past weekend.

Yes, I’ve been on a cooking frenzy. Ever since I successfully cooked sweet and sour pork, I went to cooking another batch of sinigang (sour soup), and then I went and made some lumpia shanghai (beef/pork egg roll).

I must say they turned out good, but Lucien keeps saying that I shouldn’t be too technical in following recipes. Yeah, yeah. He’s the cook of the family, so he knows what he’s talking about. I have to follow recipes, or else I would burn the house down. You know how some people don’t have a green thumb? That’s how I am with cooking. And yeah, I don’t have a green thumb, either.

Anyways, I think I’ll make some longganisang hubad (skinless sausage) tonight. Thank God for Asian stores! :)

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New Truck and Van Helsing

This weekend was unexpected.

Saturday, Lucien came home from work and we had our lunch. We started to go out, because Lucien wanted to check out some car dealerships so he could start trading in his 2 old cars. We went to one of the pre-owned places and a few hours later, we found ourselves new owners of a very nice truck. Heh, I still can’t believe we got one, and finally got rid of the other 2 cars to boot. At least now, we will have less worries of car troubles.

We watched Van Helsing later on, to sort of celebrate. That movie was full of computer graphics, but it was all good. I can’t say that I was so much into the movie, but it was alright.

Lucien didn’t get too much sleep that day, so he slept early. I followed suit a couple of hours later, and was woken up by him making noises like he couldn’t breathe. So, I shook him awake to find out if he was okay, and he said he was dreaming: something similar to Van Helsing and we were warding off vampires by spitting some sort of water to them. LOL! This was also the first time Lucien told me one of his dreams.

It was around 3:30 AM and we were wide awake. I must say I only slept for 2 hours. We were so awake, we decided to have an early breakfast. Then, since we were still excited of our new purchase, we decided to drive it and give his mom a suprise Happy Mother’s Day visit. We also visited his sister.

We got home around 2pm, and you could probably tell I was so exhausted as Lucien was, but we still had an evening ahead of us. Had a family dinner with my mom in this new Egyptian/Mediterranean restaurant. I was totally surprised that the food was good…not even spicy as I would have thought. There was also a floor show: a belly dancer. It was cool, and some of the other guests were throwing money at her.

When we got home around 9pm, I just crashed. No surprise there. Good thing I slept so good last night, because today was also a busy day. Woke up at 5:30am. Ugh. I’m sure I’ll crash again tonight, something I will truly welcome.

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The House Blessing

It’s been pretty boring lately, but I can’t complain. Everything’s “as good as it gets”. (Beware: the next paragraphs sound like a bored commentator in a chess game tournament.)

Last Saturday’s house blessing was a blast. Things were a little rushed at first, as I struggled with procrastination trying to get things ready for the guests. I moped around the computer, did a little bit of cleaning and started skewering my barbecue by 10am.

Around 11am, I still wasn’t done with the barbecue sticks. I also still had to deal with the sinigang for my mom before she came in. I was actually boiling the water for the soup when my mom came in.

As we started getting food ready, we realized that we didn’t have enough plates for the guests. I had to leave a message to Lucien to get some before he comes home.

This was also the first time to use the barbecue grill, so out I went to try it out. Boy, the barbecue was really good. Too bad it was cooked too soon before the guests arrived. My mom thought it would be wise to put some hotdogs on the grill as well for the kids that will be coming in. We put some corn in as well.

Lucien came just in time before the guests came in and thought it would be great to have our games out for the kids, to keep them entertained. So, he took out our old Playstation console and some other board games.

So, the guests started arriving. My friends were kind enough to help out in the cooking and preparing. One of my friends’ husband was nice enough to take over the barbecue grill for me so I can get the other stuff ready.

The house blessing itself was divine. I was actually touched from all the love I felt within the house…where everybody, including the kids, participated. I thought it was perfect.

I had a good time socializing with some friends I haven’t seen in a long time. It’s been nice reminiscing about past events and how we have progressed throughout the years. It was a shame that everybody had to leave after a few hours.

My mom and another close friend stayed behind and helped clean up. It was nice to know that there are some people you can rely on. We relaxed by the patio afterwards with some jazz music and coffee. All in all, it was a good day.

Good news for today: we finally got our cable internet going. Whee! :)

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Birthday Noms

First off, thanks for the birthday greets, ya’ll! Much, much appreciated. :)

I took the day off yesterday to spend my birthday with my family. Lucien totally forgot that the lunch/dinner was supposed to be at 4pm, so we rushed here and there. My sister came in early, my brother-in-law came in from work, and my mom was almost an hour late. In any case, we enjoyed our Pancit Malabon, Crispy Pata, and Kare-Kare. We also had Macapuno ice cream and champagne cake. All in all, it was all good. It was also fun hanging out with family in our house.

Tommorrow will be a little hectic because that’s when we’ll have our house blessing. Always gotta have that. We invited family and a few close friends, to make it small and quaint. Hopefully we can throw a bigger bash soon, but for now, it will do.

That’s about it for now. Later, gater!

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Still Here

Yes, I’m still alive. I just have nothing else to talk about lately. I’m still busy at work, blah, blah, still play online games, blah, blah, and spend quality time with my husband, blah blah. So, blah.

We did go celebrate my sister’s birthday yesterday. We went to eat at Saltgrass Steakhouse. Mmm. Good stuff. And then after that, we went to my sister’s house to check out their new game on PS2: Eye Toy.

Oh my, this game was fun! I especially liked the Beat Freak part where it’s kind of like DDR, but you use your hands. We even did the hard mode and did team battles. I must say that I had a pretty good workout there. I’m still sore from it actually.

Other than that, things have been pretty good. We are still looking into getting a house, but this time we need to cough up $6,000 for a downpayment. When we get that, looking for a house will be no sweat. Just have to think where we can come up with some money…

Okay, gotta run. Later.