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Sushi, Books and Movies

I’ve been on a sushi craze the past week. Lucien knew I loved it so much he bought me a Sushi Book & Kit from Half-Price Books. I might try it one of these days.

Bought more books. And more books. It’s really nice how many books you can buy for 20 bucks.

Watched Lemony Snicket last night. Eh, it’s not as good as I thought it was, but at least they went by the book. Just wasn’t sure about the train incident, though.

Sorry, can’t think up of more updates, so I guess this is it.

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A Date

Had a pretty cool day yesterday. Luci and I went to grab some sushi and watched a movie. Oh yeah, find some more Christmas gifts. It was a good date, one I haven’t had in a long time.

Well, we were going to this Japanese restaurant we loved at first taste, but unfortunately, they were closed for the day. However, we saw another a couple of blocks from the first one we went to, but didn’t open until 5:30pm for dinner (it was 2:40pm already). So, we decided to spend the 3 hours doing something else.

First, we went and bought a couple of pressies for family and then we went to see a movie. Since I’ve almost watched everything, we decided on the newest movie we haven’t seen yet: Ocean’s 12. It was great! It’s just sad that not a lot of people don’t get the movie. I, for one, caught the plot, but the only thing I’m wondering is: who is the 12th one, Julia or Catherine? That was a little unclear.

Well, gotta get back to work. But first, gotta order some Thai food. :)

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After A Weird Night

Okay, fine, fine. Blogging time.

I went to that party last night. The day before they told us that we needed to pick up the receipt of the payment for the party, and show it at the door. Well, there goes a few hours of sleep I didn’t had because they didn’t really require us to show the receipt because no one was there! >.<

Anyways, Lucien and I were an hour late, and the party was still pretty dead. We ate pretty boring stuff, too (this is where my $30 went?!), and icky beer (which I didn’t drink, but Lucien said it was nasty), though they had pretty good tarts for dessert.

There were about 3 departments there (I.S., Radiology, and Lab). They said there was Pharmacy there, too, but I wasn’t sure. The place was big, though, so it accommodated all of us. Too bad for them, the booze ran out quickly, hehehe.

I saw some familiar faces there, but none at my department (mostly the big bosses). One of my co-workers finally showed up with his wife, but they were a couple of hours late (they had to go to a funeral).

Anyways, there were some interesting stuff going on, but can’t share it because someone might see this blog and tell. :P

I wasn’t feeling that well, like a little light-headed (I think there was something in those tarts). Added to the fact that I had a sore throat and had to shout over the music. So I just sat quietly, danced to a few songs, and went home.

To summarize, the party sucked. :P Or maybe I was too sick to really enjoy it. I would be happy to skip the party next year.

Okay, gotta go back to work.

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Saturday Happenings

I think I’ll put in highlights only, because I don’t feel like talking up a storm:

Went to a birthday party.
It was also a celebration of other October birthday celebrators and anniversaries.
We were on time. The others came in an hour or so later.
We watched TFC (The Filipino Channel)! It rocks, hahaha!
There was barbecue and brazo de mercedes, mmmm.
Mom taught some of the people some salsa.
I only danced a bit. Other people thought that was unfair (because I didn’t dance that much with them).
I sang a song on the karaoke as part of a request from a friend.
One of my friends’ baby son has grown quite a bit.
Poor guy couldn’t sleep from all the ruckus we were causing.
My other friend’s baby girl is quite a handful; she picked up everything in sight.
I noticed that the house we went to wasn’t baby-proof (glass tables and breakables within reach).
I played X-Men Legends with the host’s 11-year-old son for a bit.
Got lost a bit going home, but all our guesswork paid off.

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Cooking Frenzy

Upon discovering my lola’s (grandmother’s) recipes a long time ago, I have never tried them until this past weekend.

Yes, I’ve been on a cooking frenzy. Ever since I successfully cooked sweet and sour pork, I went to cooking another batch of sinigang (sour soup), and then I went and made some lumpia shanghai (beef/pork egg roll).

I must say they turned out good, but Lucien keeps saying that I shouldn’t be too technical in following recipes. Yeah, yeah. He’s the cook of the family, so he knows what he’s talking about. I have to follow recipes, or else I would burn the house down. You know how some people don’t have a green thumb? That’s how I am with cooking. And yeah, I don’t have a green thumb, either.

Anyways, I think I’ll make some longganisang hubad (skinless sausage) tonight. Thank God for Asian stores! :)

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New Truck and Van Helsing

This weekend was unexpected.

Saturday, Lucien came home from work and we had our lunch. We started to go out, because Lucien wanted to check out some car dealerships so he could start trading in his 2 old cars. We went to one of the pre-owned places and a few hours later, we found ourselves new owners of a very nice truck. Heh, I still can’t believe we got one, and finally got rid of the other 2 cars to boot. At least now, we will have less worries of car troubles.

We watched Van Helsing later on, to sort of celebrate. That movie was full of computer graphics, but it was all good. I can’t say that I was so much into the movie, but it was alright.

Lucien didn’t get too much sleep that day, so he slept early. I followed suit a couple of hours later, and was woken up by him making noises like he couldn’t breathe. So, I shook him awake to find out if he was okay, and he said he was dreaming: something similar to Van Helsing and we were warding off vampires by spitting some sort of water to them. LOL! This was also the first time Lucien told me one of his dreams.

It was around 3:30 AM and we were wide awake. I must say I only slept for 2 hours. We were so awake, we decided to have an early breakfast. Then, since we were still excited of our new purchase, we decided to drive it and give his mom a suprise Happy Mother’s Day visit. We also visited his sister.

We got home around 2pm, and you could probably tell I was so exhausted as Lucien was, but we still had an evening ahead of us. Had a family dinner with my mom in this new Egyptian/Mediterranean restaurant. I was totally surprised that the food was good…not even spicy as I would have thought. There was also a floor show: a belly dancer. It was cool, and some of the other guests were throwing money at her.

When we got home around 9pm, I just crashed. No surprise there. Good thing I slept so good last night, because today was also a busy day. Woke up at 5:30am. Ugh. I’m sure I’ll crash again tonight, something I will truly welcome.