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Cooking Frenzy

Upon discovering my lola’s (grandmother’s) recipes a long time ago, I have never tried them until this past weekend.

Yes, I’ve been on a cooking frenzy. Ever since I successfully cooked sweet and sour pork, I went to cooking another batch of sinigang (sour soup), and then I went and made some lumpia shanghai (beef/pork egg roll).

I must say they turned out good, but Lucien keeps saying that I shouldn’t be too technical in following recipes. Yeah, yeah. He’s the cook of the family, so he knows what he’s talking about. I have to follow recipes, or else I would burn the house down. You know how some people don’t have a green thumb? That’s how I am with cooking. And yeah, I don’t have a green thumb, either.

Anyways, I think I’ll make some longganisang hubad (skinless sausage) tonight. Thank God for Asian stores! :)

5 thoughts on “Cooking Frenzy”

  1. I made tinola for dinner tonight! Wee!

    Have fun with your cookfest! My mom used to say, cook from the heart and you’ll never go wrong! [goes to show where i got my cheesey-ness— hehe!]

    And yeah, I’m not a green thumb either…my house plants aren’t looking too healthy anymore…

    1. It’s actually your fault that I’m cooking lately. Naganahan ako when I saw that picture of your sotanghon. :P

  2. lol!!! Vern has a green thumb. I don’t. No way. I like to enjoy plants and weeds in their natural state as the very white thumbs I was born with will attest to.

    As for the food, oh, that just sounds wonderful. Would have loved to have been there begging like a little dog :)

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