Family, Food, Work Drama

Busy, busy, busy

Yes, busy for the past 3 days. Lucien and I went to see the doc for his hand last Wednesday and he was told that he’ll have his surgery on Tuesday to get the pins taken out. It will be a day surgery, but I figured that I would take that day off just in case something happens. It also snowed that day. It started out as sleet, but then big snowflakes started to fall. It was fascinating seeing all the flakes whipping about against the wind.

Yesterday, we went to pick up the food for the family lunch today, and after that we had to do some last-minute shopping for Christmas. Wow, is Wal-Mart ever packed! Lucien just dropped me off at the curb and wait for me. So after that, we went to Lucien’s work Christmas party. Lucien hadn’t seen his co-workers in a while since his accident, so he looked really happy (he really misses work).

Today, we woke up early to get to my sisters’ for our family lunch. We were also supposed to call family at home, but we missed them by an hour and a half. My sister miscalculated the time we were supposed to call. I guess we can try again the next year. So, my family here had our Christmas early, since I had to work right after and throughout the weekend.

Next week will be pretty busy, too. Just hope everything goes out okay.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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