New Changes

Yesterday was the start of something new for me at work. A couple of weeks ago, my manager had approached me with a possibility of a new position in his team. This meant leaving the customer support area: not answering phones, troubleshooting issues for numerous applications, etc. It also changes my whole work schedule. I […]


Hi, hi. It’s been a while. Thought you’d might like to know how things went last week. We tried to find out the gender for the baby, but apparently it was shy to show us what was between the legs. :P Oh well. My doc also told me that I’m going to have ultrasound every […]

Bad Day

I woke up okay today, and when I started driving out and going to my first appointment with a new doctor and saw the dreadful traffic on Hwy 183, I knew it was going to be the start of a bad day. I was fortunate enough to avoid the traffic, but my time was a-wasting. […]

More Pictures

I finally got some more pictures up. Ang bagal ko ‘no (I’m so slow, eh)? These pictures don’t even include pictures from Lucien’s camera, so marami pa (more) to go! These are slideshow-ready so you don’t have to keep clicking. Sit back and enjoy! :) Banaue/Sagada Trip Philippines Sorry if you already saw this, but […]

Slacking, As Usual

Sorry for not updating since Day 6. I did mention that it was going to be busy. As some of you are already aware, I’m back in the U.S…arrived last Monday. Technically, I was back in the U.S. last Sunday (in NY), but didn’t get back to Dallas till Monday. During the last couple of […]