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Bad Day

I woke up okay today, and when I started driving out and going to my first appointment with a new doctor and saw the dreadful traffic on Hwy 183, I knew it was going to be the start of a bad day.

I was fortunate enough to avoid the traffic, but my time was a-wasting. So, I tried to speed up a little bit, and when I got to Walnut Hill Rd. that’s when it happened. Speed trap! I got pulled over and was given a citation for speeding over the speed limit. *groan* This is my first ticket in 5 years, and it was not fun. My face was pink all the way from where I got pulled over to where the doctor was. Talking to Lucien on the way made me feel better, though.

So I got to the doctor’s office about 7 minutes after my appointment. Actually, I was supposed to be there 15 minutes before my appointment since I’m a new patient and I have to fill out some forms. I signed in on a sheet that had labels where all they have to do is take out the one I signed my name on and stick it in my chart, sat down, and waited for them to call me when I needed to fill out forms, but no one called for me.

I sat there for 20 minutes before I went up to the counter myself and asked if I was supposed to fill out something. And the receptionist asked, “Are you a new patient?” Argh! She didn’t even take out the label from the sign-in sheet yet! What kind of service is this? Eventually, I got the forms filled out and waited for 30 more minutes before the doctor saw me. Grr, this is the last time I am late for an appointment!

So, I saw the doctor, and he mentioned that I have high blood pressure that he’s putting me on medication for 3 months. *sigh* Good thing I’ve already started on my diet, and he said that was a good thing I was trying to do that, because just losing some weight plus some exercise will help my high blood pressure go down.

All in all, it was a bad day for me. And it wasn’t even lunch time yet. :(

8 thoughts on “Bad Day”

  1. Oh… Leiza, Leiza, Leiza… I love you too much for you to have high blood pressure. I’m so glad you are on that diet. Please read some of the posts I made in the-geek regarding diet. I promise.. morning porridge with berries and fruit in the microwave & a HONKIN’ BIG salad for breakfast, … and you know the rest of the drill… and within one month, you CAN bring your blood pressure down 10 points. :o

    Do it! Just say yes! (I know you are on a diet, but I don’t know that it includes whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, ENOUGH plants, and how much useless, pointless meat it allows – aren’t I mean?) :)

    1. Don’t worry. :P I’m supposed to eat 2 protein, 2 starch, 3 fruit, 3 vegetable, 1 dairy and 1 fat. Good balance, no?

      1. Good on the 2 protein and 2 starch as long as you take them from whole foods :P

        Protein: Beans, nuts, seeds, WHOLE GRAINS
        Starch: Potatoes, and other starchy whole foods… which are?

        Fat? well, okay, you can have a little meat once, maybe twice a week, but would prefer you get your F A T from deep sea fatty fish such as salmon and tuna.

        *grapples you*

      2. Missy, I’m not as strong as you avoiding meat for protein, so I usually go for the 2 next best things: fish or chicken. :P

        Well, actually, I do frozen meals at work which counts as 1 protein and 1 starch, so 1 for lunch and 1 for dinner and I’m set. Lean Cuisine usually has the best selection and also small portions so I know that I’m not over-indulging. If I’m not at work, I usually eat 1/3 cup of rice, which counts for 1 starch. I will cook a simple chicken dish which will go along well with it.

        For fat, I’ve been eating 10 unsalted peanuts that will count as 1 fat. I usually eat it for breakfast. Anyways, did you know that 1 big banana counts for 2 fruit? Also 1 mango counts for 2 fruit. I have this little chart that tells me stuff I can and can’t eat.

        It’s sorta fun preparing stuff for myself before I eat, because then I would know that this is all I’m going to eat for that day. Luci helps me out as well in preparing them and tries not to eat the things I can’t eat in front of me, which is good. :)

      3. I’m just praying for you. In all reality, I know you have made a SIGNIFICANT change in your life-style/eating habits just by commiting to that diet, and the exercise regimen the doc has told you of. And the diet you mention is light years healthier that what you were eating :P (burgers, tacos, chips, fritters, corn dogs….)

        So, many hugs to you my friend and I bid you well. Very well indeed. :)

  2. It is also quite possible that your blood pressure was high because of the stressful day you had up to that point. Sorry to hear about your day. I hope it gets better!

  3. Finally here I am!
    Well folks I have finally arrived on LiveJournal. To be honest Marie dragged me onto here… she would not stop asking me ( you all know how she is )
    Not exactly sure what to post here since nothing really happens in my life but I will figure something out.
    Just wanted to say I am looking forward to reading and writing! :)

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