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Satellite TV is Evil, but DVR is Good

Remember Well, I was channel-changing looking for things to watch for on TV one day. I saw a video of a band I don’t know (found out now that the band’s name is All-American Rejects) but they were singing about ‘secrets’ and they were showing all, or almost all, the postcards sent to the site. I think it’s awesome the site is getting exposure but, at the same time, I’m envious. It’s one of those things I wish I thought of the idea first. Sigh. I know my day will come.

Speaking of thinking up on ideas or inventions, Lucien and I unofficially play a game of thinking up of stuff that will make things better. Like one of those informercial thingies. It’s funny what we come up with, but for the moment, I don’t remember what they are. Maybe I should write it down. Knowing me, I would lose interest soon.

I’m bad in keeping projects. I usually start on one with gusto, enthusiasm and diligence, but I would lose interest quick. I think the reason why is that I don’t set too much of my priorities straight as far as hobbies go. I have too much that I want to do. Cross-stitching, reading, writing, model-building, painting, etcetera, etcetera. I think the only thing I do properly is reading.

Been addicted to Stargate SG-1 lately. Ever since we got the Satellite TV and DVR, I made it a point to record all of the episodes to catch up on what I missed. I’m glad they still have the series going until now on Sci-Fi, though I’m not too partial on the new Colonel. I miss the old cast. At least 2 or 3 of them are still there. Unfotunately, I haven’t been too enthusiastic in recording other series. Shows like CSI (which I should since I watch it every chance I get), Charmed, and Smallville. I don’t know. Everytime I try to record them, I opt to delete them afterwards, not watching them. It’s weird.

Well, that’s how my life is going right now. That’s why I’m not writing too much lately, because I’m boring and pretty much everything is the same. Heh.

5 thoughts on “Satellite TV is Evil, but DVR is Good”

  1. Oh hush is you silly woman…. you are not boring! *hugs*
    Life is the same for me too since I am here but I still like to make the most of everyday… well sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t. I was never able to focus either… not in school or any hobby. Until I met embroidery. I remember I loved doing it in Kindergarten. My mum had to teach me to embroider right handed cause otherwise the teacher could not help me.
    I love embroidering… it somehow brings me back to base. It calms me down. Also I love doing jigsaw puzzles and right now I am working on a glow in the dark one from Thomas Kinkade. I used to have a hard time deciding what I wanted to do first so I thought up a schedule. This day I would do that and the other day that and you know what? I worked for me lol (I know I am blond)
    I have also made it a point only to watch a few series on tv and to keep up with them. It is impossible to keep up with everything. I watch Lost, Revelations, CSI the original series, Desperate Housewives and that is it – I think lol –
    So you know there is nothing wrong with free-beeing .. you will get back to the inner core one day :) Just go with the flow and enjoy! Even if it is sitting outside enjoying a cup of coffee!

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