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Hurricane? What Hurricane?

Hi, guys!

I know some of you are concerened about us back here in Dallas due to Hurricane Rita coming Texas way. marielogan actually called me at home to check up on how we are this morning.

Not to worry, though, because we are 6 hours away from Houston, and it’s unlikely that we will be hit by Rita. If there was able an indication that Rita passed by, we would probably just have medium to heavy rain. Other than that, we aren’t in any danger.

Thank you for your concerns, though. It’s nice to find that there are people out there that care for us. :)

Some more tidbits:
– Lucien just came from Taipei this morning. He was in job training for week.
– My mom just came from the Philippines this afternoon. She was there for a week also.
– I’ve been addicted to the game Dofus lately, that’s why I haven’t been able to blog.
– Things have been pretty much the same, another reason why I haven’t been able to blog, because why should I say the same thing over and over again? :P

Well, I hope you guys are doing well on your end. Take care!

7 thoughts on “Hurricane? What Hurricane?”

  1. Vern

    Leiza, I talked to Vern about you and Lucien. He smiled, and with a very friendly and quizzical look on his face asked if you were the girl he spoke to last December 31… when I said yes, he beamed and said, “she is a very nice person. I like her. How are is she doing?”


    Anyways… hugs from Vern and I luv. Glad all is well. *whew*

  2. *pinch poke* you owe me a coke ;)

    Glad to hear things are going well! You need to drop by Neopets, if only for a few moments, to post on the guild message board, Leiza. I know a handful of neopet-geekers would be thrilled if you did. ;) Marie’s been sweet enough to keep us up on your situation, but hearing it direct from you would probably send them soaring, you know? ;)

    Anyway, hope everything continues to go well. Look forward to the first of the month and hopefully a smooth trip back into the swing of things at The-Geek *twitch twitch* My withdrawal symptoms are worsening. :P

    hugs from us to you!

  3. *hugs Leiza* Good to know you’re out of Rita’s way, but just to be sure keep us updated ;).

    As Diana said, stop by Neopets if you get time between things and you’ll certainly get a warm welcome. :)

  4. Hey Leiza! So good to see you and your loved ones are ok :)
    I keep checking the Geek lol and then I go *DOH Charlotte* it is down! lol
    And thanks for dropping by on the Neopets Guild!

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