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Hooked on Notes

Since I’ve discovered it, I’ve become an “Add a Note” addict on Flickr. One of mine is an example. I’ve been doing a few notes on other pictures of my Flickr buddies as well.

Well, think about it. If you have something to mention about a certain thing other than the subject of the picture, it’s better to make a note of that, right? So, leave me alone.

I’m also a frustrated photographer. And a frustrated painter. And a frustrated…forget it.

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You Smiled At Me

How can you resist such a wonderful smile?

So content. :)

Anywho, it’s been a while since I last posted, I know. The latest:

We finally did the closing for our mortgage refinancing yesterday. What a relief! We waited for a couple of months for this to finish. We were told that the old mortgage company was giving the new mortgage company a hard time in “letting us go”, that’s why it took so long. Oh well, good riddance to the old mortgage company. We never liked them and their service. Let’s just hope this new one will give us some breathing space.

Last Sunday, Luci and I reaffirmed our faith and became members to a Presbyterian church in Dallas. The members are really heart-warming and friendly, and I must say that I already felt like part of the church family when we started attending regularly the last few weeks of May. We’ll be having Dani’s baptism there on the 3rd week of July.

My sleeping schedule is still a little out there. I don’t really remember when I feed the baby at night and going back to sleep again. When Dani is 2 months next week, I’ll have to be strict in setting the sleeping hours for both of us. Or else I’ll be groggy all the time when I return to work in August.

Well, that’s it for now. I know it’s short, but that’s all the fun stuff that’s happened lately.

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Caverns and Bluebonnets

Last Wednesday, Luci and I decided to go Seminole, TX to look at his old high school. While consulting our map, I saw the name Carlsbad, and thought that was a funny name for a city. Luci said there were some caverns in Carlsbad that might be interesting to check out. So after our short visit to Seminole, we went onwards to Carlsbad, NM. You can click on the link on the picture below to check it out.


After Carlsbad, we went home and decided to check out the Bluebonnet Trails Festival in Ennis, TX which was a 30-minute drive from the house. Look at all those bluebonnets!


I also added newer pictures including my oath-taking pictures and birthday pictures, so feel free to browse. You’ll know what’s current by the date the pictures were added.