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Baby Ultrasound

Taken this morning. 17 weeks. Sorry, guys, they just saw one baby. :)

You should be able to see a head, a torso (see the ribs?), and the right arm raised.

4 thoughts on “Baby Ultrasound”

  1. I’m not that good at seeing ultrasounds either, but I assume everything’s okay so far.

    And one perfectly healthy baby is more than fine. :) *hugs*

  2. I too am not so good at understanding what I am looking at on these but I do believe I recognize the head. Actually, it seems the head is turned to the left, that the torso is in a fetal position and that the right arm is raised up and out to the torso… hmmm… very interesting. There is a circular object below the baby, I wonder what that is.

    Very curious picture indeed. :)

    1. The baby is in the middle of the picture like the figure 8. The top one is the head as you had determined, but it is facing front. Correct on the right arm. The circular object below the baby’s head is, in fact, the torso. Since it looks more like an alien (*giggle*), the torso is still skeletal and you should be able to distinguish some ribs and part of the spine.

      Hope that helps explaining it. :)

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