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Okay. I know I haven’t updated.

I am still on “vacation mode”.

I’m still catching up on work, or at least getting used to it again. Things had happened, as I gathered, that sorta mixed up the daily routine.

All the hoopla about the reunion I attended was a little tiring. If you want to see some pictures: SJUMC. Those are the church pictures, so you probably won’t see me there as much. I will update my own gallery of any personal stuff. Later.

I really love one picture that was of my family. It’s one of the rarest times that my family got together and took one, especially with both my parents. There is probably a 10 in 1 chance that I had a picture taken with both my parents. Of course, you know by now, that they were divorced since I was 6. I have a stepmom, and I thank the Lord that she didn’t come to the reunion. It would have been a little interesting then.

I discovered that my parents’ divorce made a major impact in not only my siblings, but the rest of the church family. My family was one of the pioneers of the church we grew up in, and since my parents were both so active in church, and loved, and very well known, their separation affected everyone that was around them. (I wouldn’t know, I was still young to even be affected.) So, you would have seen a virtual sigh of relief from the whole group that attended the reunion when the stepmom didn’t show. Heh.

Sorry to cut it short, but yeah. Busy.

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