Rescue Mission

A little girl, not more than sixteen. She was like an eccentric of sorts, kept to herself, had few friends. A loner.

She was going to try out for a play. She was told it was for seniors (she was a junior), but if she wanted to join, she’d have to pay forty dollars. She was dejected. She wanted to be part of the play.

Two more incidents made her cheerless: a meeting of the group that was in the play, and another one that she does not recall.

Her spirits lifted up when she went to lunch with an old couple she was helping out on some books in their house’s library.

She met the grandson, a young man. He was visiting his grandparents for the summer. He was enigmatic, yet personable at the same time. Her attraction for him was inevitable.

Both of them took a stroll outside. They passed a store, a sort of book shop. While they passed, a book of the Renaissance fell. It broke.

She was overjoyed, as she wanted that book but couldn’t buy it for it was expensive. Now, it was on discount, per the conversation between book shop owner and clerk.

He offered to get the book for her while she walked on. She offered the money, mere change, to him. He pushed back her hand and said he’ll take care of it. Give to money to him later.

The book was more than the girl expected. Yet the young man bought it anyway, without her knowledge. She found out later, to her remorse.

Yet another rejection. He was too old for her, for by now she has turned nine. A little strange, the way her age depreciated. The grandparents explained to him the tragedies of her day. The young man looked at her retreating back.

Another scene…

She was chasing a villain.

The villain looked like he was half-man, half-monster.

She was an agent of some sorts.

He was climbing walls like they were mere stepping stones. She kept chasing. He eventually aimed something at her, a gun perhaps, but she avoided it easily.

He finally boarded a bicycle and darted off northly.

She ran after him, but had to go around the wall that was now before her.

She passed some animals of different species that was chasing after the villain as well. Allies. They were riding bicycles as well, and took off in a shot.

She acquired a wooden bicycle with no pedals. Yet, magically, she was moving.

She passed a road where some girls were playing baseballs as volleyballs.

As she passed, the baseballs started raining like drops of water. She was hit once…twice…and by then she was shielding her head with her arm.

All the while, the ‘magic’ bicycle started going up towards the sky. Like a plane avoiding the thunderous clouds.

She was over the raining baseballs and she could see again.

Suddenly, her bicycle started going down towards a forest covered with abundant flora and fauna.

The air was full of mist and fog. She couldn’t see. She was aware of the trees she might hit as the bicycle continued to descend.

Next instant, she fell on the lap of the Queen of Hearts.

As she wasn’t the Queen’s ally, she was ‘booted’ upwards to the sky.

She fell in a heap in front of the treasure cave. Where she was chasing the villain to, and hopefully prevent him from getting the gold in the treasure cave.

She went in and found out that she was way ahead of the villain.

The walls were lined with gold pieces. She took one gold piece and a ‘gold glue’ from the table in the center of the cave.

She opened one of the wooden doors on the right. A gold chair was there.

She poured the ‘gold glue’ on the seat of the chair, and put the gold piece on top. When the villain comes and gets it, he will gets stuck. As the plan goes.

She went to the left room. A bedroom with lots of furniture.

She heard footsteps. The villain had come.

She proceeded to get into one of the chests that was there. It would be enough time before the villain came to that room.

Not long enough. The next instant the villain was in the room. She was in the back of the room, so she was able to put her body in the chest except her head. She acted like a statue.

She could feel him near. He drew closer to the chest and saw her. He looked at her for a long while, trying to figure out if she was alive or not. He continued to stare at her. Soon, he lost interest.

As he turned his back to her, she got up and jumped at him.

They fell on the bed, and she proceeded to choke him.

He turned into a pillow.

Soon, more people were around her. Allies. They tried to choke the pillow, yet how can you choke a pillow?

She muttered something under her breath, and the pillow was back into a man. They continued to choke him.

He pulled out his gun. He pointed it at her face. She gasped. He pulled the trigger.

There were no bullets. He was still being choked by her, her on top of him, looming over.

He checked the gun. There was one bullet left. He kept at the trigger, yet the bullet was not budging.

He gave her the gun, and pointed the nozzle to his mouth. As if playing. Taunting.

She started pulling the trigger. None.

Again. None. And again. And again.

Finally, the bullet went through and shot the villain. She pulled away, somewhat shocked.

Yet, he was alive, and was laughing, somewhat hysterically and sheepishly. It looked like he was just pinned to the bed from the shot.

And I woke up, with remnants of that vision, left me confused.

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