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Day 6 – Philippine Trip

In a few hours, my siblings and I will be together again. We haven’t been together since back in the 90’s. This will definitely be a tearful reunion.

I still haven’t eaten any isaw lately. The corner where I usually get them is deserted, and has been cleaned out. Oh well. I’ll see if I can find any around here somewhere.

Last night, Luci and I went out to eat in a nice Filipino restaurant with my brother and his family before we went to pick up our mom from the airport. It was so weird to find myself so sleepy at 9pm. Maybe jetlag kicking in. Anyways, I managed to stay awake until we picked up my mom and got back to the hotel around midnight. Things will be pretty busy from now on, as we get preparations done for the big event.

There are some things I noticed that are only found in the Philippines, or so I think is only found here: green mango shakes, soft drinks being poured into a little plastic bag and straw, various condiments like soy sauce mixed with key lime, or vinegar mixed with various hot peppers, lots of soups, pork and fish dishes, San Miguel beer, lanzones, Manila mangoes, and the list goes on and on.

That’s about it for today. Short, eh? :)

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