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While Things Are Quiet

While Dani’s sleeping, I sneak out for some “me” time.

I finally got my games forum up and hopefully it won’t be compromised again. It’s such a hassle when people are just out there with nothing else to do but make other people suffer. I mean, they do it for the sake of “fun”. I think that’s where the badness of the whole world starts from, and I’m just a little scared of what Dani can be up against when she grows up in this society. I just hope I can be a good enough mother to guide her in the right path and pray that she has all of God’s blessings and enough common sense to know where to go, what to do and how to do it.

Enough of that. In other, more pleasant, news, Dani’s growing very well. Her 1-month check up told us that she has gained 20% more. She also had her 2nd Hepa-B shot done. I wasn’t happy with her getting a shot, and it’ll be worse when she gets 4 more shots on her 2-month checkup. I just have to be brave. *takes a deep breath*

Luci just moved to another airline. It has better benefits and he will have set hours compared to the scattered hours he worked in his previous job. Also, he’ll be off on the weekends to spend time with the baby. So far, the transition is looking good for us.

We’re also having a bit of a financial slump. With me off-work and not getting too much pay and also trying to refinance the mortgage on our house plus taking care of baby needs, it got financially stressful for a couple of weeks. Thankfully, we’ve been able to pull ourselves up, even just temporarily until Luci’s new job becomes more stable and our mortgage closing goes through. Keep us in your prayers.

In closing, I’d like to share a rare moment of catching Dani on camera with a very mischievous grin on her face:
Take care!

6 thoughts on “While Things Are Quiet”

  1. That picture could knock me dead of cute. Seriously.

    As for the hacker brats… *sigh* I’ve never understood that kind of behavior either. I really don’t. There are some people in this world who don’t look to schadenfreude as their only source of entertainment. (I also would not be surprised if the culprits were all pre-teens who haven’t outgrown the brat stage, but that may also be wishful thinking.) *hugs*

  2. You are most certainly in my prayers. I hope things go well with Lucien’s new job and the refinancing. The baby is adorable. That is a great picture!

  3. Yes, there are hard times, I know them too. I didn’t get my salary for 3 months in the beginning of this year and it was a very bad time for us aswell. It is very grueling having financial problems!
    I keep your little family in my prayers and wish you much optimism to get through this time :-)
    I hope that Dani will look at you many times so sweet so that you can forget the problems for a moment ;-)

  4. Leiza, that picture is positivley mischeivious. At least were it an adult face.

    Cute little doll. Something’s got her smiling. Must be you ;)

    1. I can not get enough of that picture. When the day is bad, just look at Dani and it will bring a smile to your face lol
      We here have been through stressfu financiall times too, when I first came here and hubby was paying allimony to his ex things got real tough for a bit. But you know, just when you think you can’t handle no more, there is a light somewhere. And sometimes in a place you don’t normally look.
      I will keep you in my prayers hugsssssssssssssss

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