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Won A New Site!

So, my favorite web host did a contest of free domain and hosting for a year, and guess what? I won!! So now, I introduce to you my new site for a year, or should I decide to continue on: :D Of course, I don’t have anything in there yet, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!

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It’s Gonna Take Some Time, This Time

I think it’s about time for a journal entry, donchatink? Thought I’d start with a nice title to this entry, from a song by The Carpenters (love Karen!).

Well, it has been a busy 2 weeks for me. After an exhausting drive from Texas to Indiana (Luci drove most of the way, of course), we finally met our destination. Dani wasn’t really that bad of a traveler. She slept most of the way, and believe me she had better sleeping ‘quarters’ than we had, and only woke up for feeding and changing. She wasn’t really that fussy either. Tips for new parents: driving is the best way to get the baby to sleep! :D

Luci and I got there Saturday morning from driving all night Friday. We were so excited that we weren’t even tired after the long drive because we wanted to catch up with everyone. It was really nice to finally meet some of my paternal grandmother’s side of the family. There was an uncle and an aunt that I only knew from old pictures (and they only knew me when I was a baby like Dani). There were some cousins that I haven’t seen in years, and cousins that I met for the first time. I must say, it’s so heartwarming to just be in the midst of family that you haven’t seen in a long time. It’s like going back to the Philippines and seeing my siblings again. Ang sarap talaga (it really feels good).

We had lunch at a park and had some games like Water Balloon Toss and there was a history game about Israel that was very informative. This was also the first time that my dad and everyone got to see my daughter since she was born. We also did a dedication for Dani, sort of a baptism but instead of water, it’s with laying of the hands. It was so touching I couldn’t help but cry, even though I tried to hide it. *sniff* *sniff*

Here’s a nice picture of Dani with a pretty flower growing in my uncle’s backyard:

My family can really be good:
VEV Reunion 2006 001

And they can be crazy, too:
VEV Reunion 2006 002

On Sunday, we did a family mini-concert in my uncle’s church (he’s the senior pastor there). I have pretty talented relatives, I tell you! Love it. :) They made a video of it in Windows Media format. If you want to see it, I might have to ask permission from the others if it’s okay. After the concert, more catching up with each other, getting to know one another, making lifelong new friends. Good times. :) It’s just too bad we had to leave that evening.

When we drove back, Luci drove for a while but got tired. I think our tiredness finally caught up to us, because when I took over, I was only able to drive 60 miles and I had to pull over to take a nap along with Luci. And what a nap it was: 2 hours! We finally woke back up and Luci drove the rest of the way, while I sat in the back taking care of Dani. When we got home, we definitely crashed, but it was all worth it. The reunion was definitely not to be missed! I can’t wait for the next one. :)

I’m also back at work. Nothing has really changed while I was gone, if there was some changes done, they didn’t affect what I was currently doing, which was cool. Everyone was glad that I was back. Of course, I had to show off some baby pictures. :) I also had my annual employee evaluation done and yay, I get a promotion! Thank God for blessings. :) Anyway, because of work, I have to drop off Dani at my mom’s office to have someone look after her for a few hours and then Luci can pick her up after he gets off work since he works 9 to 5 now. It’s a really good set-up because I only get to have someone look after Dani only on Mondays and Tuesdays and I get to watch her on Wednesday to Friday, then Luci watches her from Saturday to Sunday when I’m at work. Everything works out fine. I just have to keep up with it with my insomnia and all kicking in again.

I was a little bit worried about my hair falling out lately, sometimes in clumps. After searching through the web, I realized that it’s normal for hair loss 3 months after delivery, which is about where I am, and affects about 50% of women and is due to the hormonal changes that my body is going through. Whew! I thought I was going to go bald soon! As this article says, “remember this is a temporary situation and the good news is that as each hair falls out, a new one begins to grow. “ Yay!

My website is down again after another hacker infiltrated it. My fellow moderators and I have decided to take it down for a bit. I have also talked to my web host to totally clean out the files I had in there and recreate the account for me so we could start over. (And yes, backups were done before the clean up.) Hopefully, the site will be back up again in a few days’ time. I’m waiting on confirmation from my fellow colleagues on further steps we’re deciding on. The Geek Staff, you know who you are (check your email, please, and respond as needed), hehe.

Prayers are needed again as we are still in a bit of a financial slump. Being off work for a long time hasn’t helped that much either, even though I was still paid with some of my vacation pay. Just hoping there will be at least a big break where we can catch up to some of our bills. Ah, such is life!

That’s it for now. Good day to y’all.

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While Things Are Quiet

While Dani’s sleeping, I sneak out for some “me” time.

I finally got my games forum up and hopefully it won’t be compromised again. It’s such a hassle when people are just out there with nothing else to do but make other people suffer. I mean, they do it for the sake of “fun”. I think that’s where the badness of the whole world starts from, and I’m just a little scared of what Dani can be up against when she grows up in this society. I just hope I can be a good enough mother to guide her in the right path and pray that she has all of God’s blessings and enough common sense to know where to go, what to do and how to do it.

Enough of that. In other, more pleasant, news, Dani’s growing very well. Her 1-month check up told us that she has gained 20% more. She also had her 2nd Hepa-B shot done. I wasn’t happy with her getting a shot, and it’ll be worse when she gets 4 more shots on her 2-month checkup. I just have to be brave. *takes a deep breath*

Luci just moved to another airline. It has better benefits and he will have set hours compared to the scattered hours he worked in his previous job. Also, he’ll be off on the weekends to spend time with the baby. So far, the transition is looking good for us.

We’re also having a bit of a financial slump. With me off-work and not getting too much pay and also trying to refinance the mortgage on our house plus taking care of baby needs, it got financially stressful for a couple of weeks. Thankfully, we’ve been able to pull ourselves up, even just temporarily until Luci’s new job becomes more stable and our mortgage closing goes through. Keep us in your prayers.

In closing, I’d like to share a rare moment of catching Dani on camera with a very mischievous grin on her face:
Take care!

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Pope Prophecies?

Wow, a new pope already? I was hoping they would stretch it out a bit. :P

Anyways, I found this in a forum about naming popes and I quote,

“…In my years of religious education, I remember Brother Bob tell me about this prophecy concerning the popes.

He said when the Pope is elected, he is given a secret manuscript that was dictated by Mary, mother of Jesus. He then chooses a name for his reign based on this ‘list of popes.’

Its all a doomesday prophecy.. but after 2,000 years can you imagine what documents are locked away in the Vatican’s library?

But Anyway, after Pope John Paul II passes away, there will be another pope, Pope Benedict XVI then Pope Peter II. There has never been a pope named after the first Peter before, and this signals the end of the Roman Church.

After googling, this is an interesting site on the idea:
The Future and The Popes

I do disagree with him saying that Pope Peter will not mean the end of the world.. well, I think it will not mean the end of the world, but probably the end of the Catholic Church–much as Nostradomas predicts that the Church and its corruption will end…”,


I suggest you check out what the article said. It’s very interesting.

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Mods and Sleepiness

I’ve been looking into some Invision Board mods for my forum, specifically RSS feeds, but I can’t seem to find a good one that works for me. I’ve also been browsing the IB company forums to find out if they have something that will help me recover accidentally deleted members, but the only solution is to restore the tables from my backup, and I don’t have a good current backup. *sigh* At least I found one that enables new users to register within the maximum username length of 15 characters. Before that, I’ve had a few members that registered with their names so long, it’s getting ridiculous.

Anyway, ’twas weird to find myself so sleepy yesterday at work. Usually, I can find ways to wake me up, but I guess I was just too tired. Even my co-worker was tired. Just weird.

On Wednesday, Lucien and I hope to go to Seminole and visit his old high school there. After we get back, hopefully we can get to Ennis to attend the Blue Bonnet Trails Festival they hold every year. That would be fun, and I’ll try to take some pictures.

I’m rambling now, so I’ll get back to work. :P

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Rants of the Day

This is in accordance to what I had to do at work and at the-geek:

1. If I’m telling you something that’s important, LISTEN. If you don’t remember what I tell you, WRITE IT DOWN.

2. Vagueness is not tolerated. Be more specific.

3. Read the rules. Learn it. Understand it. How hard is that to do?

4. If you know what you’re doing and I’m around, don’t keep asking questions what you need to do next. I can’t hold your hand everytime.

Okay, I feel better.

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Hey, You, It’s Been A While

Yes, it has been a while. I just don’t have anything interesting to post about. If I said that I had a few minor troubles in one of the websites I’m working on, you’d be bored in a heartbeat. So yeah. Nothing interesting. But maybe this time I have something.

Remember that blood donation day? I still have that bruise on my arm. Though healing nicely, my arm looks a little suspicious to an untrained eye. It’s a good thing that I have long sleeves that I can wear until the bruise heals up for good.

Have been trying to get into Smallville lately, as they have Lois Lane in the cast (no clue for how long). I was fortunate enough to tape the season premiere and it was cool to see Clark Kent fly! :)

Had some talks about God with a co-worker again today. I am truly convinced that this dude could be a preacher; he talks up a storm! And he makes good points as well. Made me think, too. Is there such a thing as ‘pre-destiny’?

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Golf Drives and Movie Craves

Well, after the scare, my Internet freaked out on me again. I swear I have to call Comcast about this one of these days.

Yesterday was one of the rare days I get to spend with Lucien. He wanted to play tennis (which I haven’t done in years), and we started looking for a tennis court. He brought the golf bag also as an alternative, in case we don’t get to find a tennis court. Well, we didn’t, so we went to the driving range.

The golf country club we went to is where Lucien is considering being a member of. It’s a family-owned club, where the prices are low, but the quality is great.

Anyways, Lucien started doing some drives, and since I just sat and watched, I decided to try it. Of course, being a beginner, I didn’t do too well, but not bad either. Golf is really not my sport, but it certainly made me want to teach Lucien arnis sometime.

Afterwards, we decided to pay my mom a visit (I haven’t seen her in so long), but she wasn’t at home. So, we went to watch a couple of movies: Hero and Resident Evil 2. I cried on the first movie and enjoyed every minute of the second one.

And then we went home. The End. :)

(Actually, Lucien wanted to get up early in the morning to get some fresh donuts. We set the alarm, but kept hitting snooze when it went off so we gave up on it and kept on sleeping.)