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Golf Drives and Movie Craves

Well, after the scare, my Internet freaked out on me again. I swear I have to call Comcast about this one of these days.

Yesterday was one of the rare days I get to spend with Lucien. He wanted to play tennis (which I haven’t done in years), and we started looking for a tennis court. He brought the golf bag also as an alternative, in case we don’t get to find a tennis court. Well, we didn’t, so we went to the driving range.

The golf country club we went to is where Lucien is considering being a member of. It’s a family-owned club, where the prices are low, but the quality is great.

Anyways, Lucien started doing some drives, and since I just sat and watched, I decided to try it. Of course, being a beginner, I didn’t do too well, but not bad either. Golf is really not my sport, but it certainly made me want to teach Lucien arnis sometime.

Afterwards, we decided to pay my mom a visit (I haven’t seen her in so long), but she wasn’t at home. So, we went to watch a couple of movies: Hero and Resident Evil 2. I cried on the first movie and enjoyed every minute of the second one.

And then we went home. The End. :)

(Actually, Lucien wanted to get up early in the morning to get some fresh donuts. We set the alarm, but kept hitting snooze when it went off so we gave up on it and kept on sleeping.)

4 thoughts on “Golf Drives and Movie Craves”

  1. Haha, ah the snooze button. I can’t being to count the number of morning plans I’ve cancelled because of that button.

    OMG Give me details on Resident Evil 2! XD I saw RE1 last year and almost crapped my pants. What happens to that guy who got taken away at the end of RE1? I hear he becomes ‘Nemesis’ or something but I don’t know what happens :X

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