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Before I Forget…

It was 3 AM on a Tuesday morning. I had just finished writing a check to pay our mortgage, and I wanted Lucien to go with me to mail it in. I mentioned excitedly that we could get donuts in 2 hours. So, we went to the post office, dropped off the letter, and went driving off into the night.

So, what did we do in the 2 hours of the wee morning to pass the time?

We drove around the neighborhood and explored unknown streets. We saw some old big mansions, and even went as far as Lone Star Park, where horse races are popular.

We went to the park, played on the children’s playground and played pirate (the children’s playground was shaped like a pirate ship), swung on swings, had Lani, our Pomeranian, slide on the slide. We did a little running, walked around, and played with the sand at the beach volleyball area.

And it took us 2 hours.

Fun. :)

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