Dreams, Random

Dream 4.29.15

I’ll format this later but I just wanted to post it before I forget. Mind you it was only 15 since I took a nap. Woke up remembering this:

I was working in an open area floor but with still the same coworkers. We had some sort of intertwined bicycle-train-like-chairs where you can sorta stand up on or take a seat. Each day, you can go around it and ride it to give some stress relief or just plain enjoyment to get out of the mundaneness of work. So we were riding this with a few of my coworkers and we would go around the open area that surrounds the work cubicles. Also motivating the guys still working. I was riding in the far back and the guy in front is sorta the one who runs this “train” but other riders can support him/her by using the pedals on each seat. I was just thinking that one of my coworkers S should ride this today because she always like to move around and not stay in her cubicle all day. The guy in front was running the train pretty fast and I had to hold on real tight. I was somewhat holding on to another coworker in front of me but then it was going faster so I had to hold on to the metal bars in front of me. And of course it was better faster so we all helped out pedaling. But then the dude up front did a somewhat sharp turn and tangled up the “cars” of the train and he sorta hopped off. The rest of us were trying to untangle the train cars.

And then I woke up. 

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