Dreams, Me

Dream 9.20.2105

Had another interesting dream, but I don’t have too many details. In summary, my dream had:

  • Conspiracy within a church I attended (not necessarily my current church in reality). 
  • A big pirate-type ship but with invisible sails and equipment. The only thing visible was the ship frame. Incidentally, this ship was the one the good guys used (police enforcement, FBI, etc.)
  • There was this criminal that got on the good guys ship without knowing who ran the ship. The captain of the ship recognized the criminal and held him for questioning. 
  • Running away on a horse and I had a mask on to hide my identity. I had to go through a lot of hurdles and escape routes (this was part of the conspiracy theme).
  • Locking my room door (in a house of the same questionable church) making sure no one went in without my knowledge.
  • I had an ally I was talking to about this conspiracy but I don’t remember who it was. 
  • Eating at a long table with church members and being on my guard. I remember the food were some barbecued meat, rice and beans. I saw some fish somewhere I couldn’t reach. There was a cute small dog lying on the bench I was sitting beside its owner, and when I petted it, it almost slid off to the floor and I caught it in time.

That’s all I can think of, I think. Go and analyze! :)

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