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Dream: @MsLeaSalonga and the Failed Picture Taking


Since I thoroughly enjoyed the concert “Do You Hear The People Sing?” last night at the American Airlines Center, I had a dream last night. :)

I was still thinking of getting a photo op with Lea Salonga so this dream started with me going back to AAC and found she was still signing autographs and the line was almost close to done. I noticed this was already 3am. Don’t ask me why, this was a dream. My sister Claire was there with me and we chatted with Lea.

As the lines died down, I asked if I could get a photo with Lea. She said, “Sure,” and I proceeded to get my iPhone up and get on the Camera app. This is when things started going wrong. My iPhone was acting up and showing a bunch of equation buttons and editing buttons. It was just showing me weird stuff. I kept pushing the Home button on the phone but it still wouldn’t go back to the main screen and was just erroring out on me.

I kept apologizing to Lea and was slightly embarrassed, but she was so nice about it and was waiting patiently. At one point, I even asked my sister if I could borrow her phone to take our picture, but the scene kept going back to me trying to fix my own phone. All this time we were chatting about life and kids, etc. 

That’s when I woke up. At the end, I think I still didn’t get a picture with Lea Salonga. Such a dissapointing dream! Hehehe.


Dream: @MillaJovovich and The Boiled Saba


So, I’ve had some weird dreams the past couple of days.

The day before yesterday and surprisingly I still remember, I dreamt about Milla Jovovich. If you don’t remember her, she was in Fifth Element (fave!) and also in the Resident Evil movies (more faves!!). So anyhoo, I’m thinking what triggered this dream was after watching Milla showing off an editing studio for the latest RE movie.

So the dream started that she was sort of my hubby’s acquaintance and was invited over the house since she was in town after a shoot. She was kind of out of sorts and looked tired so I tried my my best to entertain her and keep the conversation going. However, she was polite enough and answered questions but she still looked a little down or something. So finally as she was leaving, I offered her a boiled saba. Saba is a kind of banana that we have in the Philippines. When it’s boiled and such, it kind of gives out its natural sweetness. Milla took it half heartedly and left.

That night, I had some sort of party at my house when Milla suddenly showed up all excited and wide awake, as it were. She said that she loved the boiled saba and wanted to know where to get it and how to cook it and I obliged. I guess the taste kind of cheered her up. :)

Another dream I had today was about a small town, my own house, a scavenger hunt, a piano, playing by ear and tar. I won’t go too much into detail because it’s really hard to explain, such as dreams are. Even though the dream with Milla was pretty clear. The only thing that made me wonder about the second dream was me being Caucasian and long sandy brown hair. Go figure. :)

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Weird Dream 8/30/2011

So had this weird dream earlier. I was meeting up with Cher Musico for lunch, and I was riding a passenger jeepney you see in the Philippines and Beverly Sumabat Watson and her hubby Carlos was there, too. The kids were hiding under the seat, and I think Dani was in a Smurfette costume and Lauren in a black dress. I switched seats across the way but stumbled and there was a sea on the floor (don’t ask me why) and Carlos caught me (like a basketball player would hold a basketball in one hand) so I wouldn’t fall into the sea. And then I woke up. Weird, right? :)



Another Dream – A Tornado!

So this dream is a little short. I was dreaming that I was working out with my either my co-worker, Tim, or my husband, Lucien in a basketball court. It was nighttime. In the distance, lightning would flash with threat of a storm coming. The wind was picking up; my hair was flying in all directions. My companion and I talked about the lightning and how we were afraid it would come closer and hit us in the open basketball court. As we feared, the lightning strikes were moving closer, so whoever I was with and I went to take shelter under some tall trees; him under one and me under another one with big, sturdy branches. We figured if the lightning would come to us, it would strike the trees first.

We felt the wind pick up some more. Thankfully, no lightning struck. However, I saw coming right beside me, a small twister zooming in close and fast. It was right beside the tree, but as I waited for it to go past, it paused, RIGHT by the tree. It swerved towards me, and since the twister wasn’t thick enough (maybe 3-4 feet wide), I stepped out of the tree’s protection to avoid the twister. As it swerved to the tree, the twister went back to its original path. Then I thought to myself I was crazy for leaving the tree’s protection and I jumped back and entwined my arms around the sturdy branches. All this while, my companion was shouting something at me I couldn’t understand.

What I didn’t expect was for the twister to come back to my tree. I was engulfed with a massive wind surrounding me, but I noted there wasn’t much debris. Then, I was in the middle of the twister where all was suddenly calm. Then, another whoosh as the rest of the twister went by. The tree was sturdy enough that I was rooted to the ground.

And that’s when I woke up.

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Dream (12/20)

Had a weird dream last night.

I was back in the Philippines, but in the old part of Manila. While waiting for public transportation to come, I decided to take some pictures using either my Hipstamatic app or Instagram app on my IPhone. Being in a sketchy part of town, I had to be a bit careful. However, there were so many photo subjects that were interesting so I ended up wandering deeper into the city. So much so, that I ended up by these rickety old abandoned colonial buildings (perfect photo subjects) by Manila Bay.

So I started taking pictures and my college friend Kevic appeared (don’t ask me how, this was a dream) and she wanted me to take pictures of her. I tried to tell her to go away cuz I didn’t want to take her picture. I focused on one part of the colonial building I was taking a picture of, and I noticed there were old ad paintings on the wall of the building. I zoomed in and I noticed that it was Kevic’s face on a couple of them. I told Kevic this, and she went closer to look.

As we were checking the paintings, our other college buddies appeared and wanted us to hang out with them. I guess after that, we did all sorts of adventures but it’s too hazy now to remember.

The End. :)

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Was Going To Write About A Dream…

Man, that sucked. When I tried to get into my blog to write about a dream I had, all I saw was “THIS SITE HAS BEEN HACKED!” Ugh! Was I mad. And here I had to check which area in my website was hacked into and scrambled to update my passwords and such, only to find out that it was only my theme that was hacked into and not the others. Kind of a relief but still annoying. So now, I changed themes, with a little bubbly stuff on it.

So, about the dream. It was weird than most. It felt like a nightmare of sorts.

I felt like I was playing this game, a virtual reality RPG-style type, where I wandered around with a few friends in a house and I had the ability to fly and conjure some spirits to help me combat evil. We got to this house right, and for some reason I was alone (the others were somewhere else inside the house). I happened to turn a corner and saw this zombie-like guy (shaved head, had a big trenchcoat on) and I ran for it because he saw me.

He chased me around the house, then the house turned into a cave-like structure. I couldn’t seem to fly away from him since I have forgotten all reason as I was so scared. Then, he finally caught me and I fell on the floor, screaming for my life, and he bit on my leg and started sucking my life-force. Somehow, the pain I thought I was going to feel was nothing more but a little touch on the leg, and I went limp, then suddenly felt my body pucker up like a prune as my life-force was leaving me. Then nothing but black.

My game seems to have reset. I’m back at the house, and I turned around the corner again and there’s the zombie. This time, I try to be smart and conjured one of my spirits to deter him from catching me. I reach a bedroom and went under the bed, while conjuring up another warrior-like spirit. The zombie came in the bedroom in the meantime and he started looking around the room. He almost checked under the bed and then my warrior spirit appeared and killed him on the spot. I then woke up.

I still don’t know why I didn’t fly.