A Meal and Grades

Had another dream last night.

What I remember is that I was going out to dinner with my college classmates, where I had to go home because of stomach flu. They called me on my cell phone and said I had to come back and pay my meal, and in result of my non-payment, they were asked to stay until I came over. And so I went, and went through a few obstacles along the way, and by the time I got back to the restaurant, my friends were a little pissed at me.

I paid for my meal, and I was expecting for my classmates to leave, but they still stayed there a bit. They were seated like how an audience sits watching a show. I sat facing them. One of my closest friends, Raz, was seated in the back and I went over and find out what she was doing. I thought she was mad at me, when in fact she was adding some figures together on a piece of paper. It turned out she was calculating her grades throughout that semester. And there I was, wondering how she was able to figure out what her grades were by just adding them up.

That’s when I woke up.

2 thoughts on “A Meal and Grades”

  1. hmm….I always though you just added the grades up divided by 3 then mulitplied by 1000. Ok so many I don’t really think that. But odd dream you had.

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