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Birthday Events

Thanks to all who have greeted me. :) Of course, I was out celebrating the big 3-0.

It was my hubby’s niece’s birthday Thursday (4/7) so we took her out with her family and friends to a nice dinner at the Reunion Tower. Later, as we took out a birthday cake with a candle on top (just a slice, really) for her and we sang Happy Birthday to her, they came out with another birthday cake with a candle for me. I was surprised because I didn’t expect that. We (the niece, her sister, her friends, and I) all had a souvenier glass, too. Hehe.

On my birthday, I got some e-cards from family, a call from my cousin, a card from our insurance company (LOL!) and a text message from my friend . I went out to dinner with my family and had sushi! Mmmm, it was good. :) I also got The Incredibles DVD from my sister and a nice painting made by my mom including some cross-stitch stuff.

All in all, it was a fun birthday. :)

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