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My Yearbook Frustrations

A comment I made on ravager‘s blog that I thought I’d use as an entry (sorry I’m lazy, hehe):

I have always had a desire for yearbooks from my former schools. I never got one for a few reasons:

– they don’t have enough funds to make yearbooks
– they probably don’t even know there’s such a thing as yearbooks
– maybe it’s because I was in a different school than my other siblings (they all went to one school and I was in another, grr)
– when I heard that my HS was giving yearbooks away on my senior year, I signed up for it, only to be disappointed that the project didn’t push through and no yearbook for me. :( (I later learned that it did push through, but I was already overseas and 5 years too late to get it)

So, getting a yearbook puts me in a frustrated mood. Ah well. Maybe I’ll make my own yearbook. That’s an idea. :)

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