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Changes While Pregnant

I’ve been having weird dreams since I got pregnant. Don’t ask me what they are, since I usually forget them when I wake up. My friend Jamie said that it’s natural to get weird dreams when I’m pregnant.

Have I told you I’ve been taking blood pressure pills? My doc, once he learned that I was pregnant, took me off the ones I was taking and gave me a different medication for my high blood pressure that is safer for me.

My tummy’s getting more firm. I’m curious on what I’ll look like when I do get bigger. I’ve also noticed that everything else is thinning out and I like it.

My right foot is swelling most of the time now. I think it’s more of the bruise I have on it than pregnancy being the cause of it. It’s still a little sore, and now that it’s getting colder and colder, it’s painful to touch. Hopefully it will get loads better next week.

2 thoughts on “Changes While Pregnant”

  1. Oh nice pictures :)
    I can’t comment on the wierd dreams during pregnancy cause I never was pregnant but I can assure you you can get wierd dreams without being pregnant too! LOL
    I have plenty of them.
    I hope your preganancy will go on with pleasure Leiza :)

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