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Dream (12/20)

Had a weird dream last night.

I was back in the Philippines, but in the old part of Manila. While waiting for public transportation to come, I decided to take some pictures using either my Hipstamatic app or Instagram app on my IPhone. Being in a sketchy part of town, I had to be a bit careful. However, there were so many photo subjects that were interesting so I ended up wandering deeper into the city. So much so, that I ended up by these rickety old abandoned colonial buildings (perfect photo subjects) by Manila Bay.

So I started taking pictures and my college friend Kevic appeared (don’t ask me how, this was a dream) and she wanted me to take pictures of her. I tried to tell her to go away cuz I didn’t want to take her picture. I focused on one part of the colonial building I was taking a picture of, and I noticed there were old ad paintings on the wall of the building. I zoomed in and I noticed that it was Kevic’s face on a couple of them. I told Kevic this, and she went closer to look.

As we were checking the paintings, our other college buddies appeared and wanted us to hang out with them. I guess after that, we did all sorts of adventures but it’s too hazy now to remember.

The End. :)

4 thoughts on “Dream (12/20)”

  1. Yeah, I know! I had another weird dream but involved death so I won’t even get on that because it felt so real.

  2. Yeah, but you know.. .Death dreams are usually about something completely different. Differing by who the topic it, where the focus is and other circumstances. For example… if ladies in my mother’s family dream of death, it typically means a pregnancy to be expected soon.

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