Another Dream – A Tornado!

So this dream is a little short. I was dreaming that I was working out with my either my co-worker, Tim, or my husband, Lucien in a basketball court. It was nighttime. In the distance, lightning would flash with threat of a storm coming. The wind was picking up; my hair was flying in all directions. My companion and I talked about the lightning and how we were afraid it would come closer and hit us in the open basketball court. As we feared, the lightning strikes were moving closer, so whoever I was with and I went to take shelter under some tall trees; him under one and me under another one with big, sturdy branches. We figured if the lightning would come to us, it would strike the trees first.

We felt the wind pick up some more. Thankfully, no lightning struck. However, I saw coming right beside me, a small twister zooming in close and fast. It was right beside the tree, but as I waited for it to go past, it paused, RIGHT by the tree. It swerved towards me, and since the twister wasn’t thick enough (maybe 3-4 feet wide), I stepped out of the tree’s protection to avoid the twister. As it swerved to the tree, the twister went back to its original path. Then I thought to myself I was crazy for leaving the tree’s protection and I jumped back and entwined my arms around the sturdy branches. All this while, my companion was shouting something at me I couldn’t understand.

What I didn’t expect was for the twister to come back to my tree. I was engulfed with a massive wind surrounding me, but I noted there wasn’t much debris. Then, I was in the middle of the twister where all was suddenly calm. Then, another whoosh as the rest of the twister went by. The tree was sturdy enough that I was rooted to the ground.

And that’s when I woke up.

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