Dream: UPCC And A Bulky Camera

So, had another weird dream and this was after I woke up around 8:30am and went back to sleep.

My sister Leke, mom and I went to this concert by UPCC (U.P. Concert Chorus). It was somewhat a reunion of all the past and present members and they were doing a special concert. My mom wasn’t participating so she sat with me. We were in this big auditorium and we were lucky enough to have seats up front.

My sister gave me her camera to take pictures, but this camera was big, bulky, and one of those you used to buy back in the 90’s. None of those nice, little, anti-shaking point-and-shoot cameras nowadays.

Some little tidbits I remember of the dream:

  • I remember walking to the concert (?) with my friend Erlin and her family, the place around us looked like the place I used to live in Project 4 (Mascardo). I’m not sure why but this could be a different dream.
  • there was another girl with us, but I don’t quite seem to remember who she was. She was one of the new members of UPCC but for some reason, she sat with us during the first part of the show.
  • me, my mom and the other girl we were with were backstage standing around looking at all the members (for some reason, I only remember the girls) and their colorful costumes.
  • we went back to our seats, only that we came from the back of the auditorium and we ran or somewhat made a grand entrance and we jumped to our seats like a stunt. Don’t ask me how my mom did that, and for some reason, I was wearing a gray sweater hoodie and had the hood on my head (and thinking I was like a Jedi(?)). And note, there were seats in front of us (not sure how we ran towards our seats right in the middle).

So, when the concert started, I was trying to take pictures as much as I could, but try as I might, I just either couldn’t seem to focus the camera right, or I couldn’t take a shot fast enough. All the other ones I could take was blurry or was taken too late. I was getting frustrated at the camera. Once I looked at the camera in my hands, and there was a big rotating fan in the front (wha?). And another time, I was trying to fix one of the settings when I suddenly had a bout of sleepiness fall upon me (this was in the dream).

That’s all I can remember at this point. So weird. :P

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