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I’ll See You Soon, Phil.

Let’s see…I have 8 days to pack. Or is it 7 days to pack? I am ever so lazy. We can’t even get the house straightened fast enough so our house sitter doesn’t have to worry about clutter. We did manage to get something done yesterday, but we need to do more.

Today is my last day at work before I go officially on vacation. I didn’t want to come in, but then what is just one day?

Oh yeah, we went back to Fry’s to get a ‘fix’ on our missing AC charger for my camera. The tech dude told us to go back to the camera section and get a new one. Oooh, a new camera altogether? Goodie! My hopes were dashed, of course, when we got there. The sales dude told us that they ran out of the new ones (they sold out after a day, imagine that! -sarcasm-) and only had open boxes, which could only mean that there would be at least a missing part in the boxes. What he did as an alternative, though, was to take the AC charger from one of the open boxes and give it to us with the one we bought the day before. At least I’m happy about that.

I got this new book for my cousin: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clark. I don’t know what to make of it yet (of course, I want to read it first), and it sure is a huge, thick book. I hope I can finish it before I get to give it to my cousin, teh. I even finished a cute cross-stitched bookmark for it, though I won’t be giving that to her, hehehe.

Anyways, I’ll try to journal my travels (luckily they have Internet Cafes there) as much as I can. Toodles!

1 thought on “I’ll See You Soon, Phil.”

  1. Look forward to reading of your travels Leiza. Will miss you. (Even though I’ve hardly been on AIM lately – it’s still always NICE to know you are around and ALWAYS a pleasure to hear from you, and pop in on you from time to time).

    Have fun m’ lady! :)

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