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There Goes The Posting

Ack! I guess my new policy of updating daily has gone down the drain. Sorry, guys. I have been so busy in between keeping up with Lucien’s meds and TLC, Lani (our dog) having an attack-of-the-fleas, and me playing another online game. I guess that’s mostly the summary of what I’ve been doing lately, and just saying that over and over again everyday will be redundant. But! I may have something to talk about today. :)

Today is the start of my new crazy schedule. Well, technically it is, but my new crazy schedule officially starts Saturday. Today, though, I work my first 12-hour shift. Hehe, feels like working as a nurse. :) I’ll be off tomorrow, but start working Saturday. My new crazy schedule will be a 12-12-8-8 hour shift. Which means, I work 2 days for 12 hours and 2 days for 8 hours. This will be fun. I say this because it will be different from the monotony I always experience from Monday through Friday. And I always consider new things an adventure. *winks at Jo* Also, I will be off for 3 days, whee! :)

Last Monday, Lucien and I went to see the ortho doctor to check his hand. The doc took off his cast finally, but still replaced it with bandages so his hand will be protected but be able to circulate blood more efficiently. The doc said the hand looks good, but was concerned on an area on Lucien’s middle finger that looked ‘dusky’. We’ll check back with him on Wednesday to see if it had healed better.

I guess that’s it. Till then. :)

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