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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Wait, I’m waaaay overdue for that. Hahahaha! I haven’t been updating my blog in so long. Maybe because taking care of the baby is sooo much fun and I just don’t have time to dabble in here.

Dani’s growing in leaps and bounds and I do mean literally, even though not physically. She’s still petite (about the size of a 3-month old) but oh, how she is so makulit (I couldn’t find an exact English translation for this, but let’s just say she is very energetic)! She will be 9 months on Feb. 7th and she’s crawling all over the place. She still has two teeth at the bottom, nothing else growing yet, but she is putting everything (if I let her!) in her mouth. She loves to stand whenever she can – with support, of course – and will try to stand on her own when she can. She’ll be walking soon, I think (I hope!).

I’m wondering how I’m going to do Dani’s first birthday, though. Any suggestions from veterans out there? I would appreciate it. One idea I had was to go to do a family barbecue or something, but any other suggestion is welcome.

In other stuff, I’ve been playing a closed beta game: Lord of the Rings Online. Very cool game, since it follows the storyline of the actual LotR books. I can’t tell you more about it, since it’s still a bit secret and what-not. There are a lot of gamers there, though, that played World of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, and Asheron’s Call. I would say I’m not one of those gamers, since I try to stay away from 3D games (they make me dizzy). But this is one I really like, since it goes with the books.

I’ll be sure to update again soon. I have to try to get to sleep – it’s almost 4:30AM!

Love you all.

1 thought on “Happy New Year!”

  1. It’s always good to see an update from you.

    For Cheryl’s first birthday, my sister in law threw a big family barbeque. A couple other friends did pretty much the same, or, just had friends with small children over, and family.

    I agree about the 3D games. Queazy, queazy, queazy. :P

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