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Things I Learned About MMORPGs

MMORPG = massively (or massive) multiplayer online role-playing game

— Saying “bathroom break” is taboo now when you want to go to the bathroom.  It’s more polite to say “bio break”.  Seriously, people.

— “mt” means “mistell”, otherwise known as “oops, I said the wrong thing on the wrong chat channel”.  I honestly thought “mt” was meant for “mountain” for a while.  I kept asking “what mt?” or “what mountain?”.  I feel dumb.

— Don’t talk about your personal life in OOC (out of character) chat, or you’ll be bombarded with hate mail, hate tells (whispers) or just be plain ridiculed.  Forever.

— Don’t be an ass in OOC either.  You’ll share the same fate.

— “nm” is not plainly known as “never mind” anymore.  It now means “not much”.  Use “nvm” for “never mind”.

— RP (role-playing) and OOC don’t mix.  Don’t even try.

— “gtg” is now known as “good to go” not “got to go”.  Sigh.

Honestly, how do people remember this stuff?

2 thoughts on “Things I Learned About MMORPGs”

  1. Honestly, how do people remember this stuff?

    Haha, you go and get stuck healing a massive group all by your lonesome! :) That’s how I learned a lot of acronyms playing Nexus…@_@;

    Before I knew it, i ws typin like dis smetimes so i could hl faster.

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