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Looking Back

Checking my old post and saw it kinda left me hanging on the computer issue.  I got it up and working but I don’t know how long.  I’ve been really meticulous lately in backing up my stuff now, just in case it blips out on me again.

Back on LoTRO.  I did the Lifetime membership.  I could afford it for now, but who’s to say that I could afford it later?  At least I’ll have a game to fall back on when there are no other games for me to play for FREE.

Luci got a new vehicle.  He’s loving it.  He traded in his gas-guzzler truck for a hopefully even better one.  Now he wants me to trade in the car I’m driving, which we just bought not even a year ago.  Sheesh.

There are other news, but I’m a little tuckered out to say any more.  Toodles

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