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First and foremost, happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it.

This year it’s a little different. I won’t go into details, but my mom is not joining us for Thanksgiving. We had some sort of ‘quarrel’ or whatever, but yeah, she’s not coming. I’m hurt about this, but I must go on. I actually lashed out about it, but Lucien stopped me before I went crazy and burst into tears.

I just hope that everything else will go smoothly as planned.

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I know I haven’t posted as much lately. Nothing much has been going on as much, so there’s nothing really to say.

But now, I am leaving for Los Angeles for about 6 days next week, during the 4th of July weekend. I’ll be attending my home church’s (St. John UMC) reunion. It’ll be fun.

Interesting also to realize while I was growing up that I haven’t been to church together with my parents. It was always either my grandparents, aunts, uncles, or my sisters. Never my parents. This will be the first time they will be together with me under SJUMC, so to speak. Yep, interesting. I wonder how this will turn out.

In other rant news, I was trying to be nice and all on one certain forum, but I should have known. I was previously reading up on some of the other posts, and people seem to diss the others. And, I, obviously have been a diss victim. Just for the fact that I admired the forum layout, people were on the offensive. Huh? It’s too messed up that I don’t even want to bother to elaborate. *sigh*

Okay, I’m out.

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Funny Thing About Restrooms

Reading a bit of jakerad‘s post made me think about our own restroom at work.

We have two separate restrooms in our floor. One for men, and one for women. It’s a single stall so you can lock yourself in there for privacy, and no one will bother you.

Lately, I have the stinking suspicion (and I meant the pun) that men use the women’s restroom. Why? Because no woman I know would splash urine on the front of the seat, smear it all over the commode, and let it dry. No woman I know would leave used toilet paper on the floor, or leave a dirty paper towel next to the sink.

It’s starting to look a lot like the men’s restroom now, which I can tell from the smell that emanates from the men’s restroom door. A few co-workers of mine have told me that it’s a mess in there. And there’s probably only 3 women that I know who work on our floor, so it’s really doubtful that we could make such a mess in there.

I don’t really mind that men use the women’s restroom if they really have to go and someone else is in the men’s restroom, but at least have the decency to clean up after yourself! That’s what really ticks me off.

One of these days, I’m going to request our supervisor to lock the women’s restroom and give only the women a key to the door. *sigh*

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Houses, houses…

Been house-hunting last Friday and yesterday. Friday, we found the perfect house! We had our agent do the necessary documents to buy it. Minutes later, we found out that the house has been bid on already, meaning it’s been taken. Darn!

So, we had to look again. Lucien had to go without me because I had to go to work. He found another house again that would be good for us, and our agent went and checked on it. Found out that it was taken also 20 minutes before we filed the documents for it. Darn again!

Yesterday, we started looking again. We found this house which was a good one, so now we are waiting to see if we can get it. It turned out that this one was a repo house, so it looks like we have a chance. Lucien is stressing out about it, because he doesn’t want to lose this house.

*crosses fingers at the same time praying to God to give us this break*

Edit: Darn again! :(

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Site Problems

Well, finally getting‘s files back up, but slowly. I was looking in one of my files and yay! I found everything except the new ones in there. I’ll be able to update them soon.

As of 16:25 CST, I’ve been having problems trying to get in…500 error. Anyone else having trouble? I’ve already set up a Help Desk ticket to my web host.

Edit: Just checked it again, guess it’s accessible. *sigh* I get a little nervous when this happens. :P

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Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays everyone!

Unfortunately for me, it’s not been good. I had the flu after I said I developed a dry cough. So, this Christmas finds me sick with the flu. Bummer, huh? Well, at least my hubby is here with me to give me some TLC. I actually am feeling a lot better today, though. My fever has broken, but I still have some sore throat. In fact, I can hardly talk. I’m trying not to say anything today to help my throat heal faster.

But, I do wish everyone else a happy Christmas or for those that don’t celebrate Christmas, have a good holiday.

I’m going back to bed now. -zzz-

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Broken Wooden Pole

The wooden pole that holds up my clothes in my closet gave way. The other end of the support broke off the wall and my clothes all fell on the floor. In result, I had to do a forced clean-up in the closet. It included separating some clothes I have not worn in so long to donate to a thrift store or something.

I haven’t realized I had so many clothes. I remember when I first came to the U.S. 7 years ago, I only had 1 big suitcase of clothes. I’m such a pack rat, that I still had some of the old clothes I had back then.

Lucien thought why not get some boxes to start packing some stuff we’re not going to use for now. So then, we’ll have less packing when we do move to a new house. I said, sure why not. So we got some good boxes, and started packing stuff.

Now my closet it cleaned up, the wooden pole put back in place with a stronger reinforcement for the support. I’m sure that in a few months, my closet will be full again. -groan-