Family, Grr, Me


First and foremost, happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it.

This year it’s a little different. I won’t go into details, but my mom is not joining us for Thanksgiving. We had some sort of ‘quarrel’ or whatever, but yeah, she’s not coming. I’m hurt about this, but I must go on. I actually lashed out about it, but Lucien stopped me before I went crazy and burst into tears.

I just hope that everything else will go smoothly as planned.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. Just do what I do. Look at your mom and go “you know this is silly. Lets have a beer and make fun of the kids” oh wait thats my dad. Ok so I don’t have a good thing to say. However, it always works out :) Just don’t eat to much apple pie, or you won’t have room for pumpkin pie hehe. Hope it was a good Thanksgiving away way.

    Todd Sawyer
    “What would I do with a million dollars? US or Canada? becuse it makes a difference.”

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