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Movie Day Yesterday

Well, we still had a good time Thanksgiving day sans my mom. I know that she had her Thanksgiving somewhere else, though only a day later. I was invited, too, but I didn’t go. I didn’t want to be miserable again and again.

Instead, my sister and I went on a movie-watching spree. We were supposed to watch 5 movies in all, but the last one we planned to watch (Polar Express) was going to be in the IMAX theatre, that one was sold out for the day. Anyway, here are the picks, and warning, because there may be spoilers:

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason – This was a good movie, but I wasn’t really that impressed with it. I felt kind of sad for Bridget really, because it seems that all the bad luck has come to her in very bad times. Poor girl. I’m glad she had her man, though. :)

The Incredibles – Oh man, this is a great movie! I really liked…no, I LOVED it! A must see for everyone, young and old. My favorite was Edna. :) Pixar always does good anyways. There was a part where Mr. Incredible says “I’m not strong enough lose you again.” to Elasti-Girl, and they kiss. One of the kids in the back said “Ew!” when they did that and my sister and I just laughed out loud!

After The Sunset – This was good, too, but it seemed they stretched too much of the movie. It also had a feel of other movies like Entrapment, Ocean’s 11, etc. Woody, as they predicted, was quite funny. :)

National Treasure – My first thought of this was, “I never knew it was a Disney movie.” Sure enough, it was. Anyways, this movie reminded me so much of Angels & Demons/The Da Vinci Code. There so much similarity, but still I loved a Cloak-and-Dagger style of movies. They were right about an Indiana Jones feel to it, too.

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