Grr, Me, Ponderisms, Trips


I know I haven’t posted as much lately. Nothing much has been going on as much, so there’s nothing really to say.

But now, I am leaving for Los Angeles for about 6 days next week, during the 4th of July weekend. I’ll be attending my home church’s (St. John UMC) reunion. It’ll be fun.

Interesting also to realize while I was growing up that I haven’t been to church together with my parents. It was always either my grandparents, aunts, uncles, or my sisters. Never my parents. This will be the first time they will be together with me under SJUMC, so to speak. Yep, interesting. I wonder how this will turn out.

In other rant news, I was trying to be nice and all on one certain forum, but I should have known. I was previously reading up on some of the other posts, and people seem to diss the others. And, I, obviously have been a diss victim. Just for the fact that I admired the forum layout, people were on the offensive. Huh? It’s too messed up that I don’t even want to bother to elaborate. *sigh*

Okay, I’m out.

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