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I realized that…

  • it was my 3rd work anniversary yesterday.
  • I didn’t see my hubby at all today (will see if I see him when I get home).
  • my only real meal today was a cup of noodles.
  • I can’t access some sites I visit at work, AGAIN (I did, yesterday.) :(
  • Jay (my co-worker) won’t be coming in until tonight. Bah!
  • today was the first time in a month since I talked to Jamie.
  • I have to email some people about my shift for the 2nd.
  • it will be less than a week till I leave for LA! :D
  • 3 thoughts on “I realized that…”

    1. hi leiza!

      i have a question. i dunno if i remember it right, but did you say that your mom had/has her own clinic? just curious…

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