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Houses, houses…

Been house-hunting last Friday and yesterday. Friday, we found the perfect house! We had our agent do the necessary documents to buy it. Minutes later, we found out that the house has been bid on already, meaning it’s been taken. Darn!

So, we had to look again. Lucien had to go without me because I had to go to work. He found another house again that would be good for us, and our agent went and checked on it. Found out that it was taken also 20 minutes before we filed the documents for it. Darn again!

Yesterday, we started looking again. We found this house which was a good one, so now we are waiting to see if we can get it. It turned out that this one was a repo house, so it looks like we have a chance. Lucien is stressing out about it, because he doesn’t want to lose this house.

*crosses fingers at the same time praying to God to give us this break*

Edit: Darn again! :(

3 thoughts on “Houses, houses…”

  1. Leiza, I know this is a pivotal moment in your lives.

    I’m crossing my fingers that you get a darn break too :)

    Ooooooohhhh I can’t wait to find out how you guys make out. I mean I have every confidence you will get something, but I know how it feels the first day you move in. Excitement, happiness, nerves… Heck, I had an upset tummy for a few days…

  2. Noticed your edits.

    But yeah, we’re still fighting back and forth with the owner of the 40 acres we’ve been looking at. It’s driving us both nuts!

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