I Have Been Violated! – A Rant

Yes, I was violated. I have been given a violation notice from NTTA of not paying toll when I have a toll tag. For $1 worth for each toll I went through, I was charged $25 administration fee each, totaling almost up to $350 which I have to pay. And I have a toll tag. I was violated, all right.

I later learned TxTag didn’t replenish my toll tag account, thus I had these bogus charges. I had to call TxTag and wonder why they didn’t replenish it, and they said they had trouble charging the CC I had in my account. I told them to try again because I was sure that I had money in there. Sure enough, it went through. Grr.

So now, I’m still communicating with NTTA through email and it’s been almost a month. And it turns out that NTTA and TxTag are two separate entities, because NTTA asked me to “ask for account verification” from TxTag. And I am sure they will still want me to pay this ridiculous amount just because of that part where they didn’t replenish my account. *sigh*

We’ll see what happens. I’m really fed up in talking to them, even through email.

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