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Night and Day

Woke up early. Somehow I was in a half awake/half asleep mode and started thinking of the site I was working on last night. Did a RP book, which, hopefully, takes off nicely. There were these bunch of kids that started one at the The Geek Forums and thought it would be a good idea putting up the site for them, and everybody else can make up their own chapter.

So, now, I’m staring at the computer screen and listening to my Frank Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey album. The Night and Day song is our (Lucien and I) song. :P This music is so relaxing for some reason. I used to think I would have probably liked to live in the 40’s (sans the war, of course) and just listen to the old songs. Nothing like good old fashioned music.

Talked to Jennifer. She’s in New Orleans! To those that don’t know her, she’s my in-game daughter in Nexus, a game I played about a year ago. She said that she’ll stop by Dallas on Friday, so I’m thinking of stopping by since she has a 2 hour layover and I don’t have to work until later. So, I hope I don’t forget!

Talked to Arvin again on MSN. He showed me his webcam! Gosh, he’s so grown up. He doesn’t look goofy anymore, hehehe! He said that he’ll be meeting up with Gayle and hopefully Luke, if they ever get a hold of him. Talked to Gayle, too, last night, with a lot of interruptions on the side. Oh well, but at least I got to talk to her. Miss the old crowd! Arvin, Gayle, and Luke were part of the church youth group I was in back in the Philippines. Arvin is my cousin’s cousin, but still consider him family. Luke, was my first ever boyfriend, but we are still friends. Gayle is his sister, a great, great, great friend of mine. Luke, Gayle and I were like a singing trio back in the days. If we ever get together again, we’ll do a jamming session together. That would be sweet!

Okay, will try to scrounge up some food and get ready for work now. Lates.

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