25 Things

Stole this from my cousin. ;)

1. Favorite breakfast is: Filipino-style hard boiled eggs mixed with tomatoes. Hash browns. Corned beef and rice. Skinless longganisa (sausage) and rice.
2. The movie I’ve watched the most number of times: Legally Blonde, Ever After
3. Least favorite subject in school: Math/Algebra
4. I spend my leisure time by: Working on websites or surfing the Internet.
5. Worst smell: Cigarette smoke. Bad breath.
6. If I could have any car in the world, what would it be? Anything that is new and runs very good!
7. Favorite household chore: Rearranging furniture.
8. When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a: fireman.
9. Favorite colors: Navy blue, Periwinkle, Light Gray
10. Favorite performers: TMTM (Too many to mention)
11. When I die, I’d rather be cremated or buried: Cremated.
12. If I could repeat college, I’d take up: Anthropology or Fine Arts
13. Three things I can’t leave home without: Wallet, my watch, and my eye glasses.
14. First thing I’ll buy (or bought) with my first salary: I bought music CDs.
15. I’d like to be remembered as: A person that was loved.
16. If a book was made into a movie, would you still bother buying the book? Yes. I like to compare the movie from the book, and see what they missed.
17. Specialty in cooking? Filipino barbecue. ;)
18. First crush? A guy back in high school named Louie.
19. Favorite hangout: A quiet coffee shop/library combo. Or just a room with lots of books and a comfy chair.
20. Best place to shop? Walmart. ;) Or any thrift store, for that matter. What can I say, I’m cheap. :P
21. Do you like to watch plays?> Yes, but I haven’t seen a play in a long, long time.
22. Favorite place in the house? My bedroom. It’s relaxing.
23. Best gift you’ve given? I have no clue, but when I do give something, it’s with meaning. :)
24. Weirdest gift you’ve received: Who comes up with these questions?! I can’t think of any right now.
25. Gift/s that you want to receive at this moment: A new computer with all the works in it.

2 thoughts on “25 Things”

  1. Leiza, it’s Thursday today and I know you are moving into your new house right about now.

    Just wanted to say, Yipeee!!!

    Also, could you friend me on AIM. I am nitinat42 and nitinat43. One is for home and the other is for work. Tried to get you online this morning. Saw you were online, but, I guess you don’t have me listed, so you weren’t getting my messages. :P

    Oh, and before I go… :P

    Contrats on the house too. :)

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