Stolen Survey

A – Age: 29
B – Band listening to right now: The Doobie Brothers
C – Career future: Work at home in my jammies!
D – Dad’s name: Noel
E – Easiest person to talk to: my hubby
F – Favorite song: depends on the mood
G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Gummy Bears
H – Hometown: Project 2, Quezon City, Philippines
I – Isaw or Kikiam? Isaw! OMG!
J – Job: Data Center Computer Operator
K – Kangkong: sa sinigang na baboy. mmmmm….
L – Longest car ride(s) ever: Driving around Alaska, Highway 1 in Cali, Okie to go fishing
M – Mom’s name: Zonia
N – Name: Leiza Katrina
P – Phobia[s]: heights
Q – Quote: I’m a simple girl with simple tastes.
R – Reason to smile: God, hubby and his dry humor, loving friends
S – Song you sang last: Yesterday (The Beatles)
T – Time you wake up: 1 PM (and then I hit snooze until 1:45)
U – Unknown fact about me: My friends back in youth group days don’t know a thing about me, however close they are.
V – Vegetable you hate: Haven’t found one that I hate yet.
W – Worst habit: Lazy, procrastinator (din)
X – X-rays you’ve had: My right wrist (when I broke it back in ’97), Chest
Y – Yummy foods: Filipino food *drool*
Z – Zodiac sign: Aries

4 thoughts on “Stolen Survey”

  1. Filipino food is the best!!!! =)

    Oh and I’m from QC too, Kamuning to be exact and I’m turning 29 this year! Hehehe…

    1. Wow! Magkapitbahay lang pala tayo. :) I used to live in Marang in Project 2, and went to St. John United Methodist Church sa may Anonas.

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