Broken, Memes

Stole this from hazelasher, because it was cute.

arostia: Met her through Tag-Board.Com. She created great websites and lost contact from her for a while. Found her accidentally in LJ, which was great. :)

catagelophobia: I think she friended me first from tagalog (not sure). Anyways, we have chatted on Yahoo! Messenger a few times.

evenangelzfall: Met her through Blurty.Com when I had an account there. When I moved to LJ, I added her as a friend. :)

hazelasher: My sister in Nexus. Met her during my ‘boy’ phase in the game. :P

iamblahg: This is one of my best friends, also a sister in Nexus, but apparently hasn’t been updating her journal in some time.

jalapenogirl: Met her through mujer. Found she had some really interesting posts, so I added her as a friend.

jeiki: Met him through tagalog. I found his posts very interesting, especially about some historical posts about the Philippines.

kapayapaan: I consider this boy like a cousin. His words and ways of thinking is amazing.

mandichaos/weirdweb: One and the same. Met her through the WB forums playing games like Steppenwolf and Arcane. She was the one that gave me an invite code for LJ when they still just accepted invite codes. She’s one of my moderators for The Geek Forums.

marielogan: Another friend from WB Forums. She joined The Geek Forums as a moderator as well. :) A wacky girl. Love her. :P

meshuggeneh: Another one from the WB Forums. She also helped on some of the walkthroughs for The Geek Forums and became moderator.

mujer: Met her through tagalog. Thought she was interesting and reminded me of my PT days. :)

tartan_skirt: Ah, one of the members of The Geek Forums. A spunky kid with big brains and a big heart. :)

tidus: Met him through Tag-Board.Com as well. He’s a sweetie, but he’s always busy.

todda: My Lineage prince. I know I should get my act together and join him in game some day.

tswolf: A very well-known guy in Nexus. Thought I’d add him as a friend to see what he’s like.

twinklinggeek: A member of The Geek Forums. Still have yet to see a post from her. :)

violetbloom: Met her through weirdweb. She had very interesting posts, and I thought to add her as a friend.

zeddhead: Another member of The Geek Forums. You should post more. :P

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