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Day 7: Leiza’s 10-Day Escapade

As the 10 days of vacation are about to end, I am feeling a certain dread of going back to work. Heh.

I didn’t do anything much today. I slept most of the day and later on I did some grocery shopping.

Last night, though, I was able to convice Lucien to go watch the 3rd Matrix movie with me. There was a bunch of tear-jerkers for me, but overall I wasn’t too impressed as I was with the last 2.

Here’s to the last 3 days of freedom.

3 thoughts on “Day 7: Leiza’s 10-Day Escapade”

  1. I am so with you on this.

    Work takes away our child hood. Time off gives it back to us. And since I am hopelessly nine years old, stuck in a stupid grown up body, the prospect of going back to work after re-adapting to who I really am is NEVER appealing.

    I know you will make the best of your next few days Leiza. Just don’t let the bed bugs bite :-)

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