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Being Artsy

It’s weird to see me writing poetry again. I didn’t think I would get any inspiration at all. But as far as I’m feeling lately – reminiscent, melancholy – it all goes to my writing. Still, it’s weird. I guess I’ll just go with the flow. :D

My recording blues.

I am finally able to record some songs from my tape cassettes to computer, but the sound is not what I hoped to be. There seems to be some sort of feedback, either coming from my tape player or my computer, so everytime I play the song, it starts out with feedback. Gah. And, I can hardly hear the sound when I play it back after recording on other computers. I proved that already when I played it on my laptop yesterday, and when I sent a file to Deus. -sigh- Oh well.

‘Tis my second day back on the job. I was going to write about the last day of my vacation, but I did mostly nothing, but mope and dread for the next day. Which wasn’t bad actually. At least I got quite a bit done, though I could have done them on my days off, only that I’m lazy and inconsiderate, hehehe.

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