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Happenings Lately

I felt so tired last week, that I slept most of the day Saturday. Oh yeah, it feels so good to just while away your time, doing absolutely nothing, curled under your most fave comforter, with your snuggle pillow as company. Did I mention it was raining outside? -smiles dreamily- The only thing that irks me is when at times I finally decide to get up, and it’s already midnight or later, and no one else would be awake, other than Lucien (who was at work).

Anyways, I had dinner with family Saturday night. It was fun seeing what I had left of family here (most of them are in the Philippines). We also had a blast opening fortune cookies, and saying the fortune out loud and ending the fortune with the phrase “in bed”. Totally funny! :P

Lucien gave me a treat to go to the movies Sunday. We watched a total of 4 movies (Elf, School of Rock, Master and Commander, Looney Tunes). I think this is going to be pretty much a trend now. It was great, and in between movies we were able to talk and talk and talk…yeah boring stuff, but it was fun just talking to him.

We talked about things we wanted to do, like I always felt the need to go dancing, and how we needed to lose some weight, about having babies, etc. Anyways, it was late and we went home.

My mom leaves for the Philippines tomorrow with my grandfather. She is going to spend Thanksgiving there. This will be the first time they will do a Thanksgiving dinner in the family. Normally, the Philippines doesn’t have a Thanksgiving holiday. I guess my mom will start doing it in our family household.

I so miss my family back home, even though I don’t get along with too many of them. We weren’t too close, but I guess the distance really does make your heart grow fonder. It’s times during the holidays that I feel homesick. My older brother did request that I try to go home for Christmas next year. Maybe. Lucien and I are still thinking about it.

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  1. Awww. Well I hope you and Lucien at least enjoy your time together over the holiday and that you can somehow take comfort just KNOWING you DO HAVE a nice big family.

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