Creating, Me


Sickness took me by surprise.
Maybe it IS the state of mind.
I don’t even know what I had
But DayQuil conquered it already.
2k of Vitamin C does the trick
But why does it feel like
I’m going to be sick?
Still dizzy from the spell I had
Walking in circles,
I feel like I’m drunk or tipsy.
Right now, I’m working
Is it really a good idea?
It’s the flu season here
I don’t want to be a victim.
Sweat a fever, feed a cold.
That’s what they always say.
Don’t ever get sick, kiddos.
Not a good thing.
Especially when you’re going on
a trip you wanted to go so bad.

2 thoughts on “Groggy”

  1. I’m thinking about you and that trip. Maybe it’s a good thing you are getting a little queazy now; get it all out of you, and over and done with before it is time to go.

    Hopefully you have enough time for that, and if so, maybe being ill right now is a good thing.

    * looks for the positive *

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